Aurora by Ziiiro at Dezeen Watch Store


Aurora by Ziiiro at Dezeen Watch Store

Dezeen Watch Store: Aurora, one of two new designs by Hong-Kong brand Ziiiro, tells time with colour and is now available at Dezeen Watch Store.

Aurora by Ziiiro at Dezeen Watch Store

Two transparent colour-gradient disks, one blue and one yellow, represent the watch hands.

Aurora by Ziiiro at Dezeen Watch Store

The blue disk represents the hour and yellow the minutes, and the overlapping of the two creates a green gradient.

Aurora by Ziiiro at Dezeen Watch Store

Aurora has a stainless steel core inside its silicone strap, which wraps around the wearer's wrist and comes in white and grey. The face can be removed and interchanged with any of the silicone straps in Ziiiro's range.

Aurora by Ziiiro at Dezeen Watch Store

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Here's some text from Ziiiro:


The Aurora displays time using two transparent gradient discs, blue color representing the hour and yellow displaying the minute. By overlapping both gradients, it creates a new array of green color that will catch attention whether at the beach or going out on a date. Resting on a bracelet strap, it combines silicone and metal to form a flexible bracelet watch. This model is fully interchangeable with other watches in the rubber bracelet series. ZIIIRO Aurora comes in two colors of white and grey.

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  • sriprabhu

    superb watch concept

  • claystephens

    Wow! Cool watches! Very creative design!

  • George

    it makes me want to know what time it is.

  • Brian

    I find it impossible to tell the time on that watch. The first indication you have a problem with your watch face design is that you need 3 examples to show how to read the time. The second indication you have a problem is that even after looking at the examples the user is left dumbfounded unable to tell 12:58 from 11:05 without a lot of looking and thinking and looking and thinking some more.

    Looks cool, though! :p