Bandit by Sebastian Bergne


Bandit by Sebastian Bergne

Here's a ruler by London designer Sebastian Bergne that's specially adapted for shooting rubber bands. 

Bandit by Sebastian Bergne

Slits in one edge mean users simply need to wrap a rubber band round one end to create a trigger mechanism before firing away.

Bandit by Sebastian Bergne

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Bandit by Sebastian Bergne

Here are some more details from Sebastian Bergne:

Bandit was inspired by the 100s of red rubber bands littering the streets of London.

Bandit by Sebastian Bergne

What at first glance appears to be an ordinary ruler is transformed into a fun product to appeal to the naughty school boy in everyone.

Bandit by Sebastian Bergne

Typology: Shooting Ruler
Manufactured by: L’Atelier d’Exercises
Materials: Acrylic
L 32 x W 3.5 x D 0.3cm

  • Heloisa

    Doesn’t this guy have anything better to do?

    seriously, design can save the world and this asshole designs a ruler that triggers the bully in you…

    • Nay

      Who says it's to be used to bully people? It could be used on paper targets or empty cans or any other number of items the users of these rulers may have in house.

      Have you never had any fun in your life? There are people "saving the world" with their design and then there's this. Both are equally worthy- the world needs some joy and levity, right now. Well, maybe not your world.

    • matthias

      All religions in the world have good guys and bad guys… design is no exception.

    • ralph

      why are you so angry ? try shooting a rubber band yourself……it's very fun and reduces stress. no bullying at all.

    • Lucas Rivera

      the mental rubber band hits harder than the real one…

    • P.Lush

      Design cannot save the world.

    • pete

      This Object is changing the World, Heloisa.

    • filler

      all design ends up as landfill sooner or later. so it surely shapes the world but can never save it.

  • Fun for architects : )
    By the way the object it's simple but well designed

  • pet

    where can i buy it? :)

  • himekun

    Can't agree more with Heloisa. It's actually a dangerous game at school. You can get seriously hurt with something like this. This should be abandoned in any shops!

    • Sam

      So if you don't let kids get hurt once in a while they'll be better for it? Try bringing up kids in a sterile environment, show them the real world then see what viruses they get.. If they never get hit by a rubber band they'll probably be the most boring people when they're older.


  • samuel

    Rulers don't kill people. People kill people. lulz

  • lemonadezhao

    in china it's familiar with every children. when we were young, we played games with it, but this one is more delicate.

    • Sam

      I've just moved to China and I found the dice game was quite dangerous, you fall over afterwards.

  • Inspiring and funny!

  • jayant

    I want one to shoot bad people and save the world…lol :)

  • twonk

    Reminds me of my childhood when we used to make these out of timber to shoot the larger rubber seals found in 6" plastic piping

  • jeanette

    I don't know about you, but I haven't seen that many rubber bands littering the streets of London….

  • super! this is one active advancement in the teacher shooting aids industry!

  • Rajeev

    Dear All,
    It can be School GIRL and not just a Boy..
    Dear Inventor..
    Send me one .
    GREAT Little Idea..

  • jan

    i want to see the youtube video of this tool in action, as it was tested in the office of the designer :)

  • busted

    This has got "CONFISCATED" written all over it.

  • Kerby

    Suprised that suck uk didn't think of this

  • Can

    This is one of those things people need to lighten up about. Its a little novelty, a kids more likely to get hurt playing on a swing set or seesaw or swinging on a chair in class.