Inside awards: Red Bull offices
by Linda Morey Smith


In this Dezeen movie London interior designer Linda Morey Smith, one of the judges of the Inside awards, talks about designing the headquarters of drinks brand Red Bull.

Inside awards: Red Bull offices by Linda Morey Smith

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  • Beautiful office….for some reason I would have expected a very different look for red bull.

  • Right? This is a bit…traditional for Red Bull, I guess.

  • nico

    Absolutely love the space. I agree 100% with the notion that a successful office space for a younger generation should be more of a social experience as opposed to a confined, cold, corporate atmosphere. There is much to gain from interaction and open lines of communication among coworkers. This type of open floor plan and variety of spaces with natural light and clean lines encourages that type of interaction. Curious to hear about the actual work atmosphere.