Featured artist: Ai Weiwei


Featured artist: Ai Weiwei

To celebrate the release of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei we've compiled all our stories about his work in one place. Ai Weiwei was missing for 81 days after being detained by authorities at Beijing airport on 3 April. See all the stories »

Posted on Tuesday June 28th 2011 at 5:47 pm by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Well done Dezeen!

  • fish fingers

    His incarceration was a huge own goal by the chinese government.

  • An AMAZING artist! I worked at the Ai Weiwei Circle of Animals at Somerset House, incredible work and incredible support for Ai Weiwei from the visitors

  • todd

    Overrated artist. period. The whole prison thing was most likely a publicity stunt.

  • just-back-from-china

    todd: obviously, you don't have any idea on what's going on in china.

    overrated artist? if that's your opinion, fine. but the whole prison thing being a publicity stunt? can i suggest you maybe read some (international) news on and off?

  • reco

    i don't think someone know anything about china ,this country is not like it is in the papers ,moives….or anything else, coz u can say something and do something, and the authorities won't tell u why ,the only answer is :no u just can't

  • PBI

    shame to see dezeen pandering to the media circus surrounding this. and shame to the artist too for allowing western media to stir up hysteria and continue the scaremongering deliberate alienation that has become the trend of any reportage it seems eminating from China. Shame also to see you guys all lapping this up without a moments reconsideration.