Folding Stool by Jack Smith


Folding Stool by Jack Smith

Show RCA 2011: to continue our series of graduate projects from the Royal College of Art, here's a stool by Jack Smith that collapses when its seat is lifted.

Folding Stool by Jack Smith

The stool's three hinged legs fit perfectly into a y-shaped hole in the seat, locking them into place.

Folding Stool by Jack Smith

This fit tightens when weight is added to the top, increasing the stool's stability.

Folding Stool by Jack Smith

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The following text is provided by the designer:

An occasional stool that folds away neatly and easily with minimal components.

It folds away by picking up one side of the seat. Gravity, along with the angles used, enables the stool to fold out when put back down. The angle on top of the legs has been designed to add maximum strength. As weight is placed on the seat it pinches the top of the legs together creating a stronger join, the heavier the load the stronger the stool.

  • Yeah yeah yeah, I know the world doesn't need ANOTHER stool and the unnecessary murder of trees…

    But you know what? this is an AWESOME product. It has the potential to become a classic :)

    • I agree. Beautiful. This thing can be made out of anything. Cast aluminum would be hot. Anything powder coated. No doubt just the beginning. Congrats.

  • What a cool stool! Such a neat idea and great way to clear up space in a room by simply folding it and storing it!

  • great!

  • Rupert

    This is awesome! So beautiful in its simplicity. Just checked out his website – and he has 5 people on one stool. Amazing!
    Even purchased a well crafted flat pack bird box.
    Thanks Jack

  • oliver

    yes this is fantastic. brilliant idea, well done.

  • F yeah! one of those, "hits you right away" moments…nice work!

  • And we all thought there is nothing else to invent!

  • nicey

    at the risk of being boring…….. this is fantastic, awesome and cool. really.

  • Really?

    Yeah, its a nice enough stool- credible design but whats sooo great about it? it stacks sure- how often will you realistically do this as opposed to just moving it a few select inches out of your way- you either need a stool regularly enough to justify having one, or you dont.
    Is your next house move going to be to a new place with a cripplingly small kitchen/room- if so buy a bigger ruddy house.

    Peoples reaction to this annoys me, i dont dislike it but i would expect more from an RCA'er.

    • Denis

      Agreed. And also, it does not look serious object for graduate project. Here is some cool idea and woodcraft for circular saw and CNC for one day. For RCA graduate I would like to see some much more cosmos.

      • Reddy

        much more cosmos? mate , its a stool, not a space shuttle.
        + to design + make this in one day?? having a joke really

        I think its a great little product, beautifully detailed, which must have taken a large amount of head-scratching and prototyping to get right. Not sure that I'd like the stool to completely fold down each time it was picked up to be moved a couple of metres, but basically a clever and well executed project. Well done sir!

        • I don't think the stool would fold if you lift it up, since the top of the legs fit inside that hole on the seat.

  • Helen

    Im not really sure why the positive feedback for a fun, clever harmless stool should ‘annoy’ someone! I for one really like it and it seems this isnt the sole project he designed at rca. Doesn’t such positive feedback suggest something?

  • Daniel

    over designed to my opinion…

  • Design Critic

    Nice thinking. though not commercial attractive I believe. Good luck.

  • James

    This is nice design. It's fun. It's functional. It's attractive. It's saleable. Would you buy one? I would. As for expecting more from an RCA'er I'll bet there's a huge amount of development gone into this and I'm sure this wasn't the only project…. Besides, there's merit in completing a project at the RCA – I attend the end of year shows, often projects that involve deeper thought need ends tied up or are too conceptual. This one is complete. Where's the harm in design for the real world?! Well done to Mr Smith.

  • Nick

    Agreed a clever design. I just wish that when names for different types of furniture were settled on the word stool wasn't one of them. A very unflattering word to describe a beautiful object.