Notice anything different?


Notice anything different?

We've made a few changes to Dezeen which hopefully will make it easier for people to navigate the site and find what they want, without detracting from the clarity and simplicity of our layout. 

Notice anything different?

The first change is that it's now much easier to navigate from - which we've renamed Dezeen Magazine - to our other sites, via the links that appear to the left of the logo. Dezeen Screen, our video site, already shares this navigation while Dezeen Jobs will be updated soon. Dezeen Wire - our newswire service - is due to come on stream soon, with a site of its own and an enhanced daily news service.

The biggest change to Dezeen Magazine is visible in the right-hand column. First, we have divided our content up into the three most popular areas - architecture, interiors and design - and each now has its own easy-to-remember URL:

As Dezeen continues to grow these will become sites in their own right, with serving as the entry point to all our content streams.

Further down the right-hand column we've introduced an enhanced navigation structure, providing more links to categories under the architecture, design and interiors headings plus also providing links through to Dezeen Screen, Dezeen Jobs and our watch store.

We've tidied up a few other areas of the site and introduced a number of other improvements. The changes are part of a major recoding of the site that should make it faster and easier to browse Dezeen's family of sites while also providing a platform for some exciting growth plans we have lined up for the near future.

We are still debugging the site so please let us know if you spot anything that doesn't work properly, and let us know what you think!

Love from Dezeen

PS: yesterday was our best ever traffic day with 97,751 unique visits. Thanks to all our readers!

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  • James

    Great changes to the site, these certainly make it easier to navigate between the different sites, so far so good. However i would be a little wary of developing architecture, interiors and design as separate sites in their own right. One of the things I really enjoy about dezeen is the wide range of content garnered from across the design sector, whether its from industry or education. I think this comprehensive experience is what makes it stand out compared with other design sites. Perhaps this final push towards more streamlined content is a little too far? I don't know, what does everybody else think?

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi James, thanks for this. Architecture, interiors and design won't become completely separate sites and will always have a mixture of different content, but the new structure is designed to make it easier for people to navigate our archive and find more of what they want.


  • H-J

    Looking good, only the FB and Twitter parts are too prominent im(h)o.

    • We wish they could be more discreet too! Unfortunately the Facebook, Twitter buttons etc come in a standard size and design and need to be displayed prominently to be noticed and used. They are extremely popular however so we have to live with them until prettier, neater ones come along.


  • easier to navigate – yes.

  • Jakepb

    I always find the search feature rather inaccurate and slightly frustrating to use.

    Can this be improved somehow???

    • Hi Jakepb, thanks for this. We are aware that search on Dezeen is not brilliant and we are looking at ways of improving it. Can you give us details of the problems you’ve had using it?


      • Allen

        Thanks Dezeen for adding pictures when you search..that was one feature that was rather irritating!

  • I still don't understand why Dezeen refuses to host larger images.

    I often download images for reference, eg; to use in teaching exercises, tutorials, etc, as well as a personal reference for later projects.

    There are also often projects which really need closer inspection (not just plans) A 1000pix image at 72dpi would be minimal KB's and would allow your readers to enjoy the projects at a greater depth.

    Its quite frustrating.