Mirror lab by VAV Architects


Mirror lab by VAV Architects

What appears to be an open tunnel beneath a bridge in northern Spain is in fact a concealed passageway, screened behind a secret mirror.

Mirror lab by VAV Architects

Local studio VAV Architects temporarily installed the mirror inside the doorway to a passageway that burrows through the base of the river-spanning bridge.

Mirror lab by VAV Architects

A slither of daylight passes around the edges of the mirror into the tunnel, creating an illuminated outline around the reflected view.

Mirror lab by VAV Architects

The true view is revealed when the mirror is revolved around a central pivot.

Mirror lab by VAV Architects

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Mirror lab by VAV Architects

Photography is by VAV and Miquel Merce.

Mirror lab by VAV Architects

Heres a short project description from VAV Architects:

Mirror lab

The idea of exploring the mirror for the installation has grown from the desire to capture, explore and experiment with the landscape, rather than the built form.

Mirror lab by VAV Architects

The project itself is not important on it's own, as much as is its relationship with the site.

Mirror lab by VAV Architects

The mirror lab is merely a tool to explore and capture the views of the existing and by doing so it becomes invisible, completely dissolving into the landscape. A simple insertion into the bridge, solely supported by the two points, mirror lab adds a new dimension to the site, both inside the arc, by doubling and inverting the space, and outside, by capturing and framing the views.

Mirror lab by VAV Architects

Pivoting through the centre, the door allows the visitors to interact with and become part of the installation, immersing themselves into and exploring both the real and the reflected landscapes.

Mirror lab by VAV Architects

Place: Bridge de Sant Roc, Olot, Spain
Material: bridge, mirror, timber, plywood, landscape
Function: gate
Time: 5 days

  • cmr

    This is haunting and amazing work. Well done!

  • This looks like fun!

  • Erolan

    Reminds me of Indiana Jones movies :)

  • I would be the kind of person running to the mirror and breaking my nose…
    Really inspiring though !

    • i don't think you would run against the mirror unless you are a Vampire… It's a mirror not a glass ;)

  • So magic the idea of enclosing a secret space with a mirror – like – gate. It really keeps some kind of mystery around the monument! Great job well done!

  • i like this part "completely dissolved into the landscape. if this was installed in an artificial environment, it wouldn't be so interesting like now. I love it!!!

  • The illusion of reality is barely broken at the edge of the mirror. Great photos!!

  • kunruj

    Cyber Space in Architecture!!!

  • Is the photographer a vampire?

    • rodd22 AKA Hobbes

      Funniest comment I’ve read on here! Chuckle. #Brilliant

  • kokederr

    The only reason the illusion works is thanks to photoshop. Otherwise, you will always see yourself in the tunnel looking at your own reflection.

  • And it revolves!

  • Reminds me of Dungeons & dragons…