Will Alsop and Scott Lawrie
announce new practice name

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Dezeen Wire:
architects Will Alsop and Scott Lawrie have announced the name of their new practice: Alsop Lawrie Ltd, trading as ALL Design.

The announcement follows their decision to leave architects RMJM and set up a new design studio in London, as reported on Dezeen Wire last week.

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Will Alsop and Scott Lawrie

Here are some more details from ALL Design:

Alsop and Lawrie announce new practice name

Will Alsop and Scott Lawrie are pleased to announce that the name of their new architecture and design practice is Alsop Lawrie Ltd, trading as ALL Design.

ALL Design will be based at Elcho Street in Battersea, London, from where the team will work on projects across the world. Up to fifteen staff are transferring over from WA at RMJM with additional external appointments bringing staff numbers to around twenty.

Scott Lawrie (left) and Will Alsop (right)

ALL Design has a number of projects under development in the Far East, Europe and the UK. At the same time ALL will be working in partnership with RMJM to carry through a number of on-going projects in London, China and Canada.

Will Alsop said: “The new studio will encompass a much more diverse range of activities including a public face at Testbed. We feel this is an appropriate new context for architects where they can embrace consultation, experimentation and fun.”

Scott Lawrie said: "We are very happy to work on anything from a tea spoon to a city, sometimes in collaboration with designers from other fields. The focus of the practice will be to ensure that forward thinking innovative design is married at all times to commercial common sense and delivery. The structure of the new office and its partners has been carefully considered to achieve this."


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