Dezeen Screen: Eco-pods by Squared Design Lab


Dezeen Screen: Eco-pods by Squared Design Lab

Dezeen Screen: this animation by Los Angeles digital designers Squared Design Lab shows their conceptual project where an unfinished building would be covered in modular pods growing algae for biofuel. Robotic arms would constantly rearrange the pods to maintain optimum growing conditions. Watch the movie »

  • Andrew

    Uh…don't forget that they worked in collaboration with Boston-based Howeler + Yoon:

  • Kumaraguru Muniandy

    Reminds my thesis project…..algae-point living pods!

  • Daniela

    Wow, this takes the dynamic facade to a whole new level. I wonder if the plants will get confused by all that motion.

  • xtiaan

    whats the name of that classic tower in tokyo with modular pods that is currently being threatened with demolition? I know its conceptual, but why remake something thats already made and not working?

  • Matt

    And that a lot of the work was done my MIT grad students.