Dezeen's top ten: swimming pools


Dezeen top ten: swimming pools

Zaha Hadid's London Aquatics Centre was one of our most popular stories this month, so we've compiled a list of our top ten stories about swimming pools.

1: it wasn't the London Aquatics Centre that took first place, but these pools of varying depths at a house in Bali.

2: the London Aquatics Centre came in second.

55 Blair Road by ONG&ONG

3: our third most-clicked story is this Singapore home, which features stepping stones stretched over a pool, connecting the living room to the terrace.

4: yet another Singapore home makes the cut; this swimming pool has a glass wall that reveals the basement of the house.

5: a floating swimming platform in Amsterdam takes fifth place.

6: this pool, located on the top floor of a home, lets swimmers have a peek through the floors.

7: yet another Olympic pool makes our top ten: the Watercube from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

8: in eighth place is this Vienna spa, which features colourful mosaics and undulating slides.

9: a plus-shaped pool designed to float on the Hudson river comes in as our ninth most-popular swimming pool.

10: rounding off our top ten is this pool that wraps over a sunken shower room.

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Posted on Wednesday August 31st 2011 at 11:55 pm by Adrienne Penaloza. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • H-J

    What's a top ten of swimming pools without Siza?

  • Im surprised no infiniti pools made the list.

  • a g n e

    good work. But maybe you have forgotten this one:
    I think it is amazing :)

  • Domilly

    Agreed Les Bains des Docks is a masterpiece.
    A list without Zumptors baths? strnage list.

  • ali

    not a zaha fan but aquatic center seems really at the same level as niemeyer's work

  • Guest

    Seriously, I love you guys but that's a pretty lame list. There are many amazing swimming pools in the world and maybe this is an opportunity to feature some of them.

  • gorte

    Sorry but this list is a mess. You mixed Private and public … built objects and projects … rendering and pictures …

    You could add children's drawings or scifi at this point.

    I guess the correct reaction would be to firest ask how this ranking has been made.

  • Pok Kobkongsanti

    Well, my Pool is not in Dezeen yet, but I'd like to show you guys how we done it in Thailand. Enjoy.

  • Good Architecture

    There's a few important pools missing off the list aurellio galfettis public swimming pool in bellinzona, sizas leca sea baths and Quinta de Conceição outdoor swimming poo land peter zumthors baths could be considered pools, perhaps!

  • Some great looking pools here but I agree with gorte – mixing public and private pools plus having artists impressions against actual builds isn't ideal but I guess the list could go on and on and making a top 10 is never easy or going please everyone.