Scenario by MCZ


Scenario by MCZ

Dezeen promotion: Scenario by Italian brand MCZ is a combined TV and fireplace. 

Scenario by MCZ

Available with a gas or wood fire, the product has a near-invisible fire door and can be linked to other home entertainment systems or used to browse the internet.

Scenario by MCZ

The following information is from MCZ:

MCZ presents Scenario: the fireplace that is also a TV.

MCZ presents Scenario, the only fireplace on the market that is also a TV. Thanks to Loewe technology, a high quality brand leader in the Home Entertainment sector, MCZ is the first company to make a totally innovative idea on the European market reality: a fireplace that integrates perfectly with a TV, to which you can connect other appliances like your Home Cinema and PC to surf the Internet.

Scenario by MCZ

Scenario is the fireplace that fits perfectly into the home environment: an elegant piece of furniture that contains a living flame. With Scenario you can finally watch TV while sitting comfortably, surrounded by the warmth of a bright, burning flame, as if the glass were not there and nothing stands between your senses and the fire. It has a minimalist design, specially studied to highlight the flame, thanks to the completely invisible fire door. Scenario comes from the creativity of Emo Design, an industrial design consultancy studio that has already worked with leading international companies like Jacuzzi, Philips and Siemens Audiology.

Scenario by MCZ

Scenario is the result of a combination of an MCZ fireplace and a full HD Loewe TV. The gas version is made of high tech, ultra-resistant materials (with a handy remote control to turn it on/off and a timer) as is the wood-burning version, for a vision of a fire that is truly spectacular. The 37’’ Loewe LCD TV / full HD / 100 Hz has a digital terrestrial and satellite decoder and can receive pay TV channels. It can also become a real Dolby Surround audio-video system, with the optional AC3 module.

Scenario by MCZ

Technical Features

Scenario – Fire on the Small Screen
The frame is made of varnished steel and it has tempered glass. There is an inner space for a DVD player, decoder, etc. The steel shelf is aluminium grey coloured. Invisible fire door opening.

Size: 205x75x10 cm

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  • Gorgeous: Sleek and minimalist. I would love to know how they solved the problem of placing the TV so close to a heat emitter (the fireplace), since most TV manuals advice that you do exactly the opposite.

    As in all good minimalist objects, the beauty is in what you don't see :)

  • kle

    it looks very clean and nice, but it is so Apple!

  • felix

    The light from the fire will distract from the television, so you can't use both at the same time, which kind of makes it seem conceptually ugly to put two mutually exclusive objects together,

    Also don't like that it'll force you to change your fireplace when you upgrade your television.

    I understand that there is an existing problem where many living rooms have their focus as the television now, or the uncomfortable battle between two focal points when you have a tv and fire. But this is not the way to solve it.

    I don't really see how the idea couldn't be improved by simply selling both as separate but matching products. More freedom to position them would be a big benefit to this approach. But it wouldn't be 'revolutionary' and on design blogs.

  • Honsa

    I hope they also have wallpapers with logs for this…

  • edward

    A much more practical solution is 2 TVs with one showing a real fire burning merrily along that can be turned off if detracting. Not having a fireplace, I really appreciated the channel that showed a log fire without interruption at Christmas time. Now no longer available sad to say.

  • Joel


  • Terrance

    Hey this is Terrance Wilson, wanted to get the price on the fireplace LCD. My email is