Dezeen Screen: Ordos Museum
by MAD


Dezeen Screen: this movie tours a remote museum in Inner Mongolia, recently completed by Beijing architects MAD. Read more about the design here »

  • Ned Baxter

    While captivating, Dezeen should have picked up on the bigger story: this museum currently stands empty in an uninhabited city extension planned for 1 million individuals.

  • Aaron

    1. Indigenous man and horse wander parched desert seeking sustenance.
    2. Perplexed by appearance of context-less space-age blob.
    3. Horse unimpressed.
    4. Roam heat-baked plaza in search of entrance. Finally enter blob.
    5. Fail to find sustenance, just generic backing music and more damned sun.
    6. Depart realising the blog has nothing to offer the likes of them.

  • cacas

    horse for scale… nice! or MAD! hehe

  • Waza

    The white curved interior wall finish is terrible.

  • Tom D

    its nice to feel bit of craftsmanship, why smooth "digital architecture" is better? this feels more human and nature, less mechanical.

    • Waza

      Craftmanship = a quality finish, not a patchy one. It takes skill to do a quality finish and craftsman by definition are highly skilled.

  • Francisco

    Collective Unconscious, or what do you think?

  • Rae Claire

    Outside fascinating, inside not so much. Hamster heaven? Filmmaker wise to emphasize horse.