Tsujita LA by SWeeT


Tsujita LA by SWeeT

Swirling clouds of drumsticks cover the ceiling of a Los Angeles noodle restaurant by Japanese architects SWeeT.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

The 2500 wooden sticks are each cut to different lengths to create the cloud patterns at Tsujita LA.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

Wavy-edged tiles give the interior walls the appearance of a woven basket, while plain clay tiles surround an open kitchen.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

The dining room features leather sofas, timber chairs and cylindrical lamps.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

Rectangular lanterns decorated with the restaurant’s flower motif fill the shelves of a timber bookshelf at the entrance.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

Other restaurants with textured ceilings to have been featured on Dezeen include one where curved walls are lined with wooden blocks coated in gold leaf, and another with an undulating cave-like ceiling.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

Photography by Takeshi Nakasa.

The following text is from SWeeT:

Tsujita LA
2057 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles

I put 25000 of wooden sticks, which was shaped like drum stick on the ceiling.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

In order to increase a reality of clouds, I calculate the focal length between eye line and wooden sticks and use that length for the stick length.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

Also I made difference on the distance between stick each other so that to make a stereoscopic effect to wooden cloud.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

Not only for this project. I'm always challenging to create a space that coexist art and interior.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

At the same time, I'd like people to feel the delicate of beauty, which Japanese have, and Japanese atmosphere when they visit here so that they will think that they want to visit Japan.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

I'd like to make this restaurant as one of an element for Japanese reconstruction.

Tsujita LA by SWeeT

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  • shane

    Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis did this first: http://cubeme.com/blog/2008/11/12/tides-restauran

    • edward

      Oh…it's been done before. Tell them to rip it out and start over.

  • edward

    Can they really make enough money selling noodles to afford this? I hope so as it really good design.

  • katie

    Hasn’t this been done before by LTL? The Tides restaurant in NYC.


    I understand getting inspiration from another project, but this just seems like an exact duplicate.

  • John

    Nice space, but remarkably similar to LTL's design for Tides in NYC back a few years ago.

  • zee

    To commenters # 3 & 4:

    Nice try, but #1 made that comment first.
    I understand getting inspiration from other comments, but yours just seem like exact duplicates.

  • Greg

    The idea here is similar to LTL but not a carbon copy. While Tides evokes an underwater feel (the bamboo evoking seaweed/grass); Tsujita evokes the traditional Japanese "cloud" motif.

    I hate the hanging cylindrical lights. Take that out and you have a beautiful space. (also hate the fire sprinklers, but can't do anything about that)

  • I like the treatment on the various surfaces, and how they use the light. I agree the ceiling is not a brand new idea…

  • Renee

    Not to beat the same drum but, man … this looks just as bad as when LTL did it. Hope this restaurant stays open longer.

  • Rodrigo

    very similar to a wall design in the Hard Rock Hotel in Macau. Same concept, same execution

  • Filip

    Hmmm…. Obviously most designs have been done before. This is a simple idea that works well and is executed brilliantly and with alot of consideration. The LTL’s Tides restaurant defiantly wasn’t the first to implement this idea, and this one by SWeeT will not be the last…

    • Maíra


  • Nothing in design is truly original – always an evolution from one thing to the next. some evolutions are just smaller than others….