Bar Central by Uglycute


Bar Central by Uglycute

Swedish office Uglycute have completed a restaurant in Stockholm that features a bar made of hardboard panels edged in brass.

Bar Central by Uglycute

More strips of brass surround the hardboard panels and mirrored glass that line the walls.

Bar Central by Uglycute

The floor is tiled and the upper walls and ceiling are painted a deep green. The palette of green, brown hardboard and brass is complimented by blue and white serviettes, white lettering on the menu board, and white pendant lamps.

Bar Central by Uglycute

The design includes chairs and stools manufactured by woodstockholm and designed by Lars Stensö, who taught the designers at the Stockholm Design Academy.

Bar Central by Uglycute

Dezeen also featured Uglycute's design for fashion brand Cheap Mondays offices in Stockholm, featuring a conference room within a pyramid.

Jonas Nobel from Uglycute provides further information below:

Interior for a new central European restaurant in Stockholm.

A new take on a fictitious restaurant somewhere in central europe. We allowed ourselves to work quite theatrically and free with references and inputs. A dining area is separated by two steps up from the bar area. Panels are made out of brass incased masonite boards. Chairs and stools are designed by Lasse Stensö, an old professor to us at the design academy in Stockholm whose furniture has not been in production before. The furniture is manufactured by a new company called woodstockholm.

  • edward

    Nice low budget work except for the menu board which could use a more imaginative approach.

  • Shmuck

    Tempo Retro – I looks like it should be a warm and friendly place to sit, drink, and mull over a engagement proposal, but it just doesnt feel it…

    …stick some people in there!