Competition: five Figureground T-shirts
by Praud to be won


Competition: five Figureground T-shirts

Competition: we've teamed up with research and design company Praud to give readers the chance to win one of five T-shirts featuring plans of the world's most influential cities.

Competition: five Figureground T-shirts

Praud stands for Progressive Research on Architecture, Urbanism and Design, and their Figureground project analyses the data collected by banks and financial institutions in order to rank cities, questioning what meaning these figues really have.

Competition: five Figureground T-shirts

Please include your size when entering the competition: women (small/medium) and men (small/medium/large).

Competition: five Figureground T-shirts

If you can't wait to see who wins, you can order the T-shirts online here.

Competition: five Figureground T-shirts

This competition has now closed.

Competition: five Figureground T-shirts

Competition closes 1 November 2011. Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page.

Competition: five Figureground T-shirts

Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.

Competition: Figureground T-shirts

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Competition: Figureground T-shirts

Here are some more details from Praud:

FIGUREGROUND is a research project by PRAUD, analyzing the quality of life in metropolitan settings. We create products that generate an intellectual and educational dialogue about cities, and what makes a city unique for living and visiting. Figureground t-shirts showcase the World’s Most Influential Cities that our team is researching.

Competition: five Figureground T-shirts

The project began when the team analyzed several surveys ranking world cities that had been conducted by private consulting institutions, banks, and other financial agencies. The whole private ranking process seemed vague in terms of representing their criteria or system for ranking world cities.

FIGUREGROUND is trying to break this by generating a public voice by means of its products.

Congratulations to the winners! Gytaute Akstinaite in Lithuania, Robin van Deutekom in the Netherlands, Marta Garcia Sancho and Ray Rodenas in Spain and Toi Phillips in the USA all won a Figureground T-shirt.

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  • amsam

    No New York? :(

  • elizabeth

    new york > boston
    sorry, new england
    cool t-shirts, though!

    • dongwoo

      there was NYC of is just too popular and was sold out already!
      it was similar to 4 neighborhood mapping of boston.
      we had, upper west, chinatown, downtown, and MET

  • MELBArch

    More like No Melbourne!

  • Oslo please!

  • zee

    questionning the ranking of cities is interesting, sure thing.

    however I miss how the (pretty) t-shirts are expressing anything else than the reproduction of a figure-ground city plan?

    how are the cities chosen and what exactly are you criticizing about the rankings?

    • you got the point. this was the first line of design we had which does not include that much of interpretation. we are working on the second line that is more about our own mapping and show interesting information of a city through the design.

  • Fred

    NO Barcelona??

  • Anna

    Fred , Barcelona is coming :) we have 38 cities so plenty more cities to come!