Studio R-1 by architecten|en|en

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Studio R-1 by architecten|en|en

Dutch studio architecten|en|en have created a home office in Eindhoven by wrapping a garage in corrugated aluminium.

Studio R-1 by architecten|en|en

Tiny perforations pierce this ridged metal exterior to make it partially see-through.

Studio R-1 by architecten|en|en

Daylight filters into the room through a south-facing skylight that separates the new and existing roofs.

Studio R-1 by architecten|en|en

Shutters fold back from the facade to reveal sliding glass doors that lead onto a projecting platform outside.

Studio R-1 by architecten|en|en

The refurbished garage is now named Studio R-1 and is used as a workplace for a furniture designer.

Studio R-1 by architecten|en|en

Other interesting buildings on Dezeen clad in corrugated metal include an artists studio in Australiaa steel-clad gallery and studio in France and a film storage bunker in England.

Studio R-1 by architecten|en|en

Photography is by Post & Van Leeuwen.

Here's a few more words from the architects:

Studio R-1

A Villa build for a former Philips executive in a green suburb of Eindhoven named ‘Schuttersbosch’ gave designer Hugo de Ruiter the perfect possibility to combine living and working with the existing indoor garage used as studio space.

Studio R-1 by architecten|en|en

“I don’t want to feel like I am working in my garage” was the main goal of the assignment. The solution was found in adding a mask-shaped volume to the existing garage. By covering this with a perforated corrugated aluminium skin  as mono material for the walls and the roof, a subtle continuation of the clay-roofing of the existing home arises. A  collar of galvanized steel that acts as a terrace boundary highlights the disengagement of existing and new.

Studio R-1 by architecten|en|en

On the interior the addition provides extra floor-space and height. An abundance of daylight can enter the studio through a south faced strip of glass dividing the addition from the existing roof.

Studio R-1 by architecten|en|en

Architect: architecten|en|en
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Client: Hugo de Ruiter Design
Project year: 2011

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  • urB

    Nice renderings, even if the project is not much emancipated from a garage project (space shape, light and materials).
    Anyway, it should be clearly announced when we look at a 3d model or a picture of the build project. Here it might not be clear at the first look, but it's "only" a project, it's not build.

    • dvk

      Check the project documentation on the website…
      The project was completed april 2008.
      No rendering, only photos.

    • artimon

      Those are actual pictures, not renderings.

    • @greigpenny

      Am I missing something? I'm finding it quite difficult to tell if these are renderings or photographs. It's a little misleading that the text states 'Photography by Post & Van Leeuwen.'

    • dezeen_intense

      I can confirm that all of these images are photographs not renderings.

    • urB

      ok my apologies, then theses are picture over photoshoped in term of skycontrast and desaturation… neverless, it should be easier to know when the project is built or not.

  • Home Lighting

    This is beautiful! The studio looks very simple and clutter-free.

  • james

    urB, it is built. they are photographs of the built project.
    assignment commenced: july 2006
    completed: april 2008
    cost: € 50.000,- excl. VAT
    (from the architects website)

  • artimon

    Worth putting in parallel with Latapie House by Lacaton & Vassal.
    I am not convinced by the detailing of the windows and the side elevations. The offset of the corrugated elements on the sides seems exagereted and out of scale.
    Same scale issues with the windows.

  • frank lamothe

    beautiful design – what make is office chair?