Housing for Jardins de l’Arche
by Farshid Moussavi Architecture

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London studio Farshid Moussavi Architecture has won a competition to design a housing complex for the western outskirts of Paris.

Housing for Jardins de l’Arche by Farshid Moussavi

The building will accompany a proposed stadium arena and hotel on the Jardins de l’Arche development site, which will link the area of la Défense with les Terrasses de Nanterre.

Housing for Jardins de l’Arche by Farshid Moussavi

Shops are to fill the ground floor of the building, while ten storeys of residences above will include three floors of student accommodation.

Housing for Jardins de l’Arche by Farshid Moussavi

Each upper storey will be slightly rotated to create terraced balconies.

Housing for Jardins de l’Arche by Farshid Moussavi

Farshid Moussavi was co-founder of Foreign Office Architects and launched her independent studio back in June as reported on Dezeen Wire. See earlier projects by Foreign Office Architects here.

Housing for Jardins de l’Arche by Farshid Moussavi

Here's some information about the proposals from Farshid Moussavi Architecture:

Farshid Moussavi Architecture has won the competition to design a new residential complex in the La Défense financial district to the west of Paris. The 11,430 m2 building is to house 7,500m2 of residential units, 2,930m2 of student accommodation and 1,000m2 of retail space.

Housing for Jardins de l’Arche by Farshid Moussavi

It forms part of La Parvis Jardin de l’Arché, a large urban renewal project linking la Défense and les Terrasses de Nanterre, which also includes the new Arena Stadium as well as a hotel. The project is for client Les Nouveaux Constructeurs working with public planning authority, l’Epadesa.

Housing for Jardins de l’Arche by Farshid Moussavi

The FMA design proposes a slender volume to provide dual aspect residential units. Each floor of this volume is rotated by two degrees from the one below to produce oblique balconies and loggias. These oblique exterior spaces of the apartments will enjoy uninterrupted views down the path of the historic La Grande Axe.

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  • antonius

    can we just not make it straigt again please.

  • http://www.bedroom-chandeliers.net/ bedroom chandeliers

    ok, I want o live there :)

  • http://www.granitetransformations.com Alex Levin

    I'm curious if this design gives the building more sunlight because of more surface area or less because of the shade.

    • mik

      totally agree. what a bad argument to explain that mess

  • http://www.zazous.co.uk/ Nick Austin

    Tres jolie. Who's going in it? What will it look like in ten years? Will it be covered in graffiti and surrounded by burned out Citroens?

  • fred

    it seems like my desk after an heatquake

  • jam

    Make it straight? Why would you want antoher tedious monolithic block, it is this ridiculous default to an ill-considered simplicity that iis the reason that the lay-person is so turned off by the wider notion of contemporary architecture. To address these issues is to engage with the public at large.

  • Thayer-D

    Imagine this in the center of Paris? Either can any French person, becasue the architectural community has the Wife they marry and the mistress they make love to. Mistress being old Paris, except no one can aknowledge her.

  • http://www.vimarch.com LOW

    Oh come on… it's quite lovely!

  • martini-girl

    I like it.

    The idea of skewing the floors is a nice touch.

  • Hi-there

    totally agree martini girl… it's new and structural innovation.