Melvin the Machine


In this movie filmed in a warehouse on the outskirts of Eindhoven, the ringing of an alarm clock triggers a chain of events that opens umbrellas, spins paper windmills, starts a fire and releases a set of parachuting toy animals (+ movie).

Melvin the Machine by HEYHEYHEY

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  • Fantastic installation (Melvin the Machine) !
    The worthy successors of Peter Fischli and David Weiss (Der Lauf der Ding)

  • greg

    I don't really get the point?

    Give me Fischli/Weiss or Roman Signer any day…

  • Joris Hoogstede

    Joined a perfomance of Melvin last year during the DDW 2010. Brilliant machine, with a lot of humor and 'self-communication' about it's performance on the web.
    Go Melvin, go Melvin!

  • so elegant! OK GO made one of my favorite Rube Goldberg machines last year:

  • Cr.

    Awesome project ! I saw it live, but the movie is even better ( :