Artist Retreat by 0 to 1


Artist Retreat by 0 to 1

Guest artists will be invited to live and work inside this shard-like timber hut.

Artist Retreat by 0 to 1

New York architects 0 to 1 designed the faceted retreat for the garden of an established fine artist in south Finland.

Artist Retreat by 0 to 1

One large triangular window will allow daylight into a workspace inside, while a second will frame the outline of a first-floor sleeping deck.

Artist Retreat by 0 to 1

The sloping walls and roof will converge at a point beyond the pavilion’s entrance to surround a narrow triangular terrace.

Artist Retreat by 0 to 1

Other popular Finnish projects on Dezeen include a whitewashed funeral chapel with a copper roof and a knife shop that displays blades against chunky wooden blocks - see more from Finland here.

Here's a short description from the architects:

Artist Retreat
Fiskars, Finland

Designed to be located on the property of a Finnish Fine Artist, this house is a live-work space for a guest artist. The form was generated from local climate, Finnish culture, and  functions / guidelines provided by the Artist.

The sectional shape is a quarter of an octagon. It increases in size from building front to back creating a utility cube with sleeping loft above at the higher end, a work space in the middle and an outdoor terrace at the lower end.

  • Atie

    I am a contemporary Fine Arts Artist and I Gould prefer a more pure, not this designed working space and definatelty a more neutral floor. But I like the thing as a summer hut.

  • nicey

    seems a bit to pristine to be a real work space; and doesn't it want to end in a sharp tip rather than a yellow stump?