Iyad Alsaka on OMA
and tourism in the Libyan desert

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In this next movie from our series filmed at the opening of OMA/Progress at the Barbican in London, OMA partner Iyad Alsaka explains how the firm charted the Libyan desert, having been asked how to best exploit it for tourism.

A series of images from this project are projected onto the floor in one of the rooms of the exhibition, which continues until 19 February. Iyad Alsaka reveals more about OMA's engagement in the Middle East and North Africa in our earlier movie.

Iyad Alsaka

OMA co-founder Rem Koolhaas also gave Dezeen a private tour of the OMA/Progress exhibition, while partner Reinier de Graaf talked to us about more of the firm’s preoccupations.

Read more details about the exhibition and see photos in our story on Dezeen.

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  • Machiavelli

    So Rem Koolhaas worked for Gaddafi? And thistime there is not the excuse, that they do architecture and this is neutral – they worked out a financial strategy for him. I think that's shoking!