Art and design graduates are being
'treated as slave labour'


Dezeen Wire:
 UK broadcaster Channel 4 reports that a backlash is forming against the prevalence of unpaid internships in Britain, which are particularly popular with graduates in the creative industries.

A number of websites have been set up by graduates and campaigners offering advice to those partaking in internships and rallying support for campaigns that call on the government to introduce tighter regulations - Channel 4 News

Posted on Friday November 4th 2011 at 6:31 pm by Alyn Griffiths. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • phildoesdesign

    Many internships are rewarding. Mine was. But around 80% of interns are given a paid role in the company that they have worked for. IF the jobs are not there then there should be more gurantee that the employer will help in some way to get their intern a job. It is in an issue in urgent need of regulation and potential financial support from the state.

  • Finally got out of control, huh?

  • Certainly this has become a serious problem, not only in UK.

  • xman

    yeah right, anyone surprised that a lot of these famous offices run off extremely cheap labour and bad working conditions?

  • anonymous

    Use of the term 'slave labour' is incorrect, as anyone can leave an internship at any time (slave labour is forced work that they, the slave, can not escape from). Aside those semantics, this problem of unpaid work is more simply overcome if the graduates themselves don't sign-up for work that is unpaid.

    That's it, it's that simple: take internships (if you want to) if they pay, or don't take internships that don't pay. By accepting internships that don't pay – graduates only have themselves to blame in that situation. This problem wouldn't exist at all, if companies thought they could not get away with it!

    Read the fine print: don't sign-up for unpaid work on the promise of something in place of payment. Thanks Dezeen for posting this article, maybe some more graduates will read it and be aware of the problems.

  • rok

    It`s the same in whole Europe!