Sierra Space by Logan Johnson Architecture


Sierra Space by Logan Johnson Architecture

A plant-filled stack of timber beams forms the reception desk of an environmental association’s headquarters in San Francisco.

Sierra Space by Logan Johnson Architecture

Texan studio Logan Johnson Architecture designed the lobby for American company The Sierra Club.

Sierra Space by Logan Johnson Architecture

Native Californian plants grow in hollowed-out grooves in the reclaimed fir desk, while ribbons of light glow through the cracks between each beam.

Sierra Space by Logan Johnson Architecture

Behind the desk, pixelated images of the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains decorate the walls.

Sierra Space by Logan Johnson Architecture

Some other unusual reception desks on Dezeen include one made from stacked planes of marble and another that is bright red and integrates a bench.

Sierra Space by Logan Johnson Architecture

Photography is by Matthew Johnson.

The following text came from Logan Johnson Architecture:

SierraSpace is a new reception space for the Sierra Club headquarters in San Francisco. The project references two primary images in the Sierra Club's history: the Sierra Nevada Mountains, namesake of the Club, and the idea of a felled log becoming a new kind of ecosystem that helps to create vibrant ecologies. We designed the lobby desk using reclaimed Douglas Fir timbers into which we inserted native Northern California plants, meant to evoke the way ferns and mosses take over logs after they have fallen.  We embedded LED ribbons in the logs to illuminate the reveals and cracks.  The mural behind the lobby desk is a pixellated image of the Yosemite Valley, one of Sierra Club founder John Muir's favorite places.

For the original design, we had abstracted a topographic map of the mountains into a heightfield that becomes a canopy in which to place lights, mechanical and other services—to be constructed out of reclaimed Douglas Fir.  The wall behind the reclaimed Douglas Fir lobby desk is a pixellated face of John Muir, lit from behind using LED lighting.

Status: Completion October 2011
Client: Sierra Club
Location: San Francisco, CA
Site: Reception Lobby for Sierra Club Headquarters in Downtown San Francisco.
Design Team: Matthew Johnson, Jason Logan, Josh Robbins
Contractor: RN Field

  • pnark

    i really did love this project. it has a fresh, modern and minimalistic touch and a nice detail with the plants.

  • Harry Spetnagel

    I love the project . It's a little weird that the ergonomics of the desk are such that you only see the receptionists head. Awesome project though.

    • Red Pill Junkie

      Totally in accord with Sierra's philosophy —"put trees before people" ;)

  • @rotsenfurniture

    Cool project! Love the idea of the reception desk!