Alternative Olympic posters by Sarah Hyndman


Alternative Olympic posters by Sarah Hyndman

Following the controversy surrounding the release of the official London 2012 posters last week, graphic designer Sarah Hyndman has come up with a set of alternatives.

Alternative Olympic posters by Sarah Hyndman

Hyndman’s posters display photographs of everyday objects and food, arranged into groups of five to resemble the Olympic rings logo.

Alternative Olympic posters by Sarah Hyndman

Items depicted include chocolate biscuits, teabags, postal stamps and pub beermats.

Alternative Olympic posters by Sarah Hyndman

Hyndman posts a new image each day on her blog, which is counting down to the start of the games.

Alternative Olympic posters by Sarah Hyndman

The official posters have sparked a lot of debate in the last few days - see what the critics thought here and see reader's comments here.

  • Riccardo

    Well if I have to choose between the official and alternatives I choose the alternatives!

    • dhamphir

      I'll choose the official…

  • Brett

    Uh, these aren't any better. It's a good start to use biscuits and British currency, but what do things like retainers and m&m's have anything to do with London?? It's a very surface-y interpretation of London + Olympics.

    I'm beginning to think Dezeen just posts things that they know will be divisive in order to get traffic…

    • My initial thought – but then I considered the Olympic rings and what they stand for…Perhaps this is her way of representing that, so a mix of clearly British objects (teabags, London Pride coasters) + objects that you might associate with other countries. And then you could even look at some of the items as a representation of things that cross borders (spray cans immediately made me think of Shoreditch, but then what about Berlin etc) or that were brought to us from other nations, or that show the mix of cultures (a cocktail of cultures?) which is all very Olympic-y.

    • Anne

      Those are mouth guards, an element of athletic equipment.

  • kms

    hmm if I have to choose between official and alternative I choose official. These look like the postcards I would buy at the olympics to send to my grandparents.

  • dcbcn

    I choose the alternatives. The official ones are completely lacking in joy. These make me smile!

  • Alternatives please !!! love it

  • JuiceMajor

    I choose the original…the alternative is just a bad reaction to it!

  • tanyatelford

    i like the official more as well, much more appropriate than the above for the Olympic Games, to discuss.