Attic by Studio Chad Wright


Attic by Studio Chad Wright

American designer Chad Wright stretched the archetypal birdhouse shape to create penthouse nest boxes with varying heights.

Attic by Studio Chad Wright

A concrete base with a screw-in stake stabilises these slender wooden pillars on grass or hard-standing.

Attic by Studio Chad Wright

The birdhouses come in a selection of different colours, including tomato red, robin's egg and cloud blue.

Attic by Studio Chad Wright

Here's some more text from Studio Chad Wright:

Attic by Studio Chad Wright

Attic is a series of avian abodes recently designed by Studio Chad Wright. At 4'6", 4'10" and 6'0", Attic provides homes of varying levels of status to a variety of birds. Shown here in colors robin's egg, tomato and cloud, Attic features a molded concrete base with a screw-in lawn stake, thus accommodating tiled or lawn-covered landscapes.

Studio Chad Wright is the laboratory, factory and home of Chad Wright, an emerging independent American designer.

After working in several of the top design studios in San Francisco, Chad recently ventured out on his own and founded Studio Chad Wright in 2011, a studio that synthesizes ideas with objects, poeticism with relevance, product with person (or animal), and simplicity with joy.

  • Dave

    stop with the bird houses already!
    this is every designer's first school piece.
    dare to create something new for a change.

  • Chad Wright

    Dave, I appreciate your comment, and I would like to reply. While birdhouses, chairs and watches present common material for many designers, I think they offer a very special challenge. The challenge is in offering something refreshing in a category that has been seemingly exhausted. Thank you for commenting on my work.

    Chad Wright

  • shirley

    I love the birdhouses. Most birdhouses are either woodsy, crafty or artsy but these are architectural. I think they would be interesting even indoors. For outdoors use I would be interested in the functionality. Is there a platform inside? Is there drainage? Is there maybe a door on the back to clean it out?