Kanye West to launch
design company


Dezeen Wire:
rapper Kanye West has announced via his Twitter feed - @kanyewest - that he is to launch a design company named DONDA, which will be formed of creative thinkers from different industries.

The musician claims to be assembling a team that will include architects, designers and directors and has appealed for anyone interested to contact him at contactDONDA@gmail.com.

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  • Chris

    In other words : 'have no self respect? can't find a job among people who appreciate design? Come work with Kanye West, a man devoid of any real design intellect that is bad at his day job and therefore has no chance at his side job :)'

    • Thom

      I quite like his music.

  • pH+

    a dream come true!

  • think of it this way. He is going to pump his money into creativity. I think it might be worthwhile to see what comes of it.

  • Professional

    Lord have mercy!

  • Hmm

    Maybe he’ll partner with Gaga. Ridiculous…

  • tc1

    got to respect his aspirations.

    i wonder how much of this negativity is coming from real designers or creatives? i would hope very little.

  • Karina

    i'm actually pretty excited to see what will come out of this. regardless of whether people don't appreciate him or not, i think that stepping out of the music industry and venturing into other creative fields and putting his time/money/efforts into this is a commendable thing.

  • Redo

    c'mon guys… can't be worse of someone else already there!

  • Wolfie

    Please. Celebrity status is no excuse for lack of talent.

  • Andrew

    He should collaborate with Will.I.am they would make a great team. . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gFA7DUM008