Disney T-shirt mimics Joy Division
album cover


Disney T-shirt mimics Joy Division  album cover

Dezeen Wire: Disney have released a T-shirt that mimics the 1979 album cover of Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division, altering the diagram of pulses from a star to resolve into Mickey Mouse's head.

The original image for the cover by graphic designer Peter Saville was taken from an astronomy encyclopedia.

Writers at the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Guardian all wonder why Disney would want to be associated with a band named after raped concentration camp prisoners, with a lead singer who famously killed himself, while music sites including Pitchfork and NME can barely contain their outrage.

The T-shirt has now sold out.

  • Disney really made that? Hard to believe! But it's great. I can already see a million knockoffs coming down the pike.

  • Skateboard brand Almost made a much more clever rip off of that beautiful Joy Division graphic some years ago: http://www.skatenoize.com/2011/12/daewon-song-alm
    The one from Disney I find quite embarassing…

  • dan

    It's fun/ funny. The Dickies have cover art of Mickey with a Hitler mustache with a swastika as a backdrop for their album, "Stukas over Disneyland". And in the words of their lead singer Leonard Phillips, thankyouthankyouthankyou …. and most of all thank you.

  • The shirt will be more appealing to guys most probably due to its dark colour and jagged designs. It is ignorant to not know the background of your shirt but that doesn’t mean you have to believe in the reasons. Knowing and believing are totally two different meanings. In the end, the history of the shirt doesn’t really matter. You like it then just wear it.