Bottle Humidifier by Cloud and Co


Bottle Humidifier by Cloud and Co

Seoul studio Cloud and Co have designed this discrete bottle-shaped desktop humidifier.

Bottle Humidifier by by Cloud and Co

The Bottle Humidifier has a retractable UBS charging cable and holds up to half a litre of water in its glass base, working for 13 hours per fill.

Bottle Humidifier by by Cloud and Co

It's made of antibacterial plastic and wil go on sale with Elevenplus in Japan this summer.

Bottle Humidifier by by Cloud and Co

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Bottle Humidifier by by Cloud and Co

Here are some more details from the designer:

In Asia, the market for humidifiers is enormous, thus it is very easy to find a variety of humidifiers for sale. However, discovering one that is aesthetically pleasing is difficult. When the context of the humidifier as a product is considered – an object that sits on your desk or table for long periods of time – it is clear that design needs to be more considered.

The bottle humidifier is designed by Seoul based cloudandco, a design studio founded by Yeongkyu Yoo. The design of the bottle humidifier is simple and modern. Even when the product is not in operation, it’s design allows it to integrate into almost any environment. It is at once a functional product and art object. The integrated USB power cable is retractable, and also designed to compliment the form of the object.

The plastic exterior shell, with its matte white finish, is antibacterial, and the thick glass bottom is a perfect combination of form and function, as it allows the user to see the water level inside. The humidifier will be available in Japan this July by Elevenplus.

Technical specifications:

  • 1/2 lt water capacity
  • 13 hour life span per fill
  • measures 22 cm x 8.7 cm
  • weighs less than 500g
  • uses USB port or 110-220 V
  • uses anti-bacterial filter
  • made of anti-bacterial resin

Creative Director: Yeongkyu Yoo
Designers: Youngduk Song, Sunman Kwon, Sungmin Kim

  • This is a really nice humidifier to look at. But with a water holder that size, I can't imagine it uses much power and therefore small amounts of humidity only comes out. Whats the likelyhood of this effectively humidifying an average size room?

  • gbot

    But why USB – Hooked to a computer? Humidity and electronics don't really go together do they?

  • Jon

    Its a personal/desktop humidifier, a bit different than the larger appliances used for humidifying rooms. It is practical for one's personal space around their desk at the office or bedroom.

  • Jon

    @ gbot – very common in asia. Sometimes there are even USB outlets in homes. Its not a heavy steam that is put out, so it doesn't really condense on electronics or affect them.

  • Post

    It looks nice … but who is actually using a humidifier? I don’t know anyone …

  • bob

    GAS! GAS! ..oh it's supposed to that… I see…

  • Albaro Recoba

    The top section is opaque – how on earth can you tell when it is full?!

    • bill

      You only need to see when it’s empty.

  • Kat

    This would work wonderful for a room with plants that need that little bit of humidity!

  • shotime

    next question – where to buy besides Japan!

  • Please tell me where to get this product.

  • L4M

    Bottle humidifier is back in stock at