10th Anniversary jewellery
by Atelier XJC


Slideshow: Paris photographers Milo Keller & Julien Gallico shot this series of photos to showcase experimental jewellery by Swiss luxury design firm Atelier XJC that references feathers, scales and large delicate ruffs.

10th Anniversary jewellery by Atelier XJC

Xavier Perrenoud of Atelier XJC commissioned the series to celebrate the company's tenth birthday, enlisting casting director Brice Compagnon, formerly of clothing brand Benetton.

10th Anniversary jewellery by Atelier XJC

The series includes cuffs, collars, a hat and a bag plus more sculptural pieces.

10th Anniversary jewellery by Atelier XJC

Here's a description of the project from Atelier XJC:

“Whoever wishes to do great things must think profoundly of the details,” said the poet and writer Paul Valéry. It’s a maxim to which Atelier XJC can readily lay claim, having embodied this precept for exactly ten years.

10th Anniversary jewellery by Atelier XJC

Spurred on by a unique know-how in the world of luxury product design, particularly in the realm of jewellery and luxury watchmaking through collaborations with prestigious and internationally renowned manufacturers, this agency takes its expertise to a higher level with the launch of a genuine laboratory of ideas within its own four walls.

10th Anniversary jewellery by Atelier XJC

In the space of almost a year, in the centre of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Atelier XJC has developed a multidisciplinary research structure touching on all aspects of design.

10th Anniversary jewellery by Atelier XJC

Its approach pays particular attention to the study of components and materials in order to create original, offbeat objects, while retaining specific features underpinning that manufacturer’s reputation. Today, the first fruits of its “experiments” are revealed to the world.

10th Anniversary jewellery by Atelier XJC

The photos taken by the Twinroom agency in Paris reflect this desire to unite different disciplines, such as, in this particular case, fashion and design.

10th Anniversary jewellery by Atelier XJC

This first wave of creations under the Atelier XJC banner heralds a new decade dedicated to jewellery and luxury watchmaking, to be enriched also by other more experimental fields.

  • Dariusz

    Fantastic stuff! Great photography and interesting models! I can see the bag being a seller!

  • rock

    like it or not, the model makes a big, big difference.
    attraction or anxiety…

  • Andy W

    Fantastic images, very poetic, and love the choice of models. I'm really interested to know what materials are used especially for the ruff + bracelet.

  • Brilliant work! Astounding, and so refreshing!

  • gwvanderleun

    Nice jewelry but the bearded guys make for some of the ugliest photos seen in quite some time. I guess that's the point. If you can't inspire people, disgust them.

  • Diego

    Really outstanding layouts!! Love the textures, materials look very interesting…..

  • xtiaan

    I spent more time looking at the models than the products, amazing

  • rak

    sheer brilliant photography!! good work with products as well

  • mols

    Les modèles ont une telle présence qu'on en oublie les objets montrés

  • gerd fehlbaum

    Kind of FUNNY stuff, as un-natural, as models ARE natural, practically unwearable, unsellable, except to hard core fashion geeks on a late night shopping spree under influence… Unsexy by day, unpractical at night! What for…?