Table Vic by Elemento Diseño


Table Vic by Elemento Diseño

This coffee table by Chilean studio Elemento Diseño is made of a single sheet of plywood, with the legs cut out from its corners.

Table Vic by Elemento Diseño

The two V-shaped legs slot diagonally into a cross at the centre of the table so that the whole thing can be assembled without glue.

Table Vic by Elemento Diseño

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Table Vic by Elemento Diseño

Here are a few details from Barcelona brand Quattria:

Coffee table plywood lacquered in white. Notable for being made of a single board that has a pre-cut in order to be assembled easily.

Table Vic by Elemento Diseño

Environmental performance is the best definition of the coffee table VIC. In manufacturing there are few losses so that all parts are utilized to build a harmonious whole.

Table Vic by Elemento Diseño

VIC is assembled without tools.

  • kotk

    Is it really that practical?

  • i like the concept with this, i think i'd like it more if it were made out of shuttering ply, or had a coating less toxic than phenolic resin.

    i love the no tools aspect to this – and it reminds me of a chair with a similar idea, routered out of one sheet of ply which hinged out

    i think there are others who have done a similar design aswell

    nice job though

    • andre

      Having worked with shuttering ply it is not an ideal material for anything that you want to be flat…like a table.

      Maybe a wider range of colours/ veneers would make it more appealing to a wider audience, I do like the fact the tops shape is dictated by the legs and not a random form.

    • jamesmcbennett

      Also this chair, PANO Chair by Studio LO

  • Design and useful… i love this coffee table, while it's look like a IKEA's concept, but better…

  • andi

    i find it pretty awesome.

  • More items should work like this

  • Chris

    Ingvar Kamprad would be proud

  • Patrick Tofts

    I'd prefer a flat pak of 'Off Cuts'

  • Minimal material wastage and clever construction, with an interesting and unique end result. A very nice piece.