LuvOwl by Craig Alun Smith


LuvOwl by Craig Alun Smith

Milan 2012: the design world flocks to Milan next month and designer Craig Alun Smith plans to splatter the city with bird poo in every colour of the rainbow by planting dyed bird feeders around the Piazza del Duomo.

LuvOwl by Craig Alun Smith

The LuvOwls are made of seeds, suet and food colouring, moulded into the shape of owls because statues of the birds of prey are often used to scare off smaller foul. They come in come in red, green and blue, and the British/Canadian designer hopes birds will eat from more than one of the feeders to mix the colours in their stomachs.

LuvOwl by Craig Alun Smith

He'll travel from his home in Montreal next week to trial the system in Milan and find suitable perches for the feeders.

LuvOwl by Craig Alun Smith

If you like this, check out a system for making packaging from coloured snail excrement here. We also featured Alun Smith's pair of chairs called Wank back in 2008.

Here are some more details:

Craig Alun Smith's LuvOwl project to debut this April in Milan at Piazza del Duomo during Milano Salone.

The concept of LuvOwl is simple, birds eat the Owl, and then bright colours “appear” around the city - true public art! LuvOwl is produced by moulding seed, suet and food colour into the form of an owl commonly but ineffectively used as a bird deterrent. The Owls are based on the RGB colour model so in theory seeds from different coloured owls combined in the birds’ gizzards should produce a broad array of colours. Craig will be in Milan next week (14th-16th March) testing the project and scouting appropriate perches for the LuvOwls.

Craig Alun Smith is a British/Canadian designer living and working in Montreal Canada. Known for his dialectic approach to design, his work typically plays with opposing forces or ideas, often with humour and emotion at its core.

  • Relja Ivanić

    This is going to be just perfect for your new white coat!

  • Greenish

    Love it. It's about time we got over the idea of sharing our cities with birds.

    This is like inviting them to join in the game of painting the town red :) or, you know, blue, or green…

  • Hitchcock meets Sesame Street.

  • Tom Ford

    Humorous but pointless.

  • BBB

    and why would birds eat a red owl , or a green one or a blue one?
    not for the reasons that is looks like an owl (bird have a natural fear for a predatory bird silhouette) These owl staues are normally put in the garden to keep away the birds. I also really wonder if they would peck at something that brightly un-natural colored.. I don't see birds pecking away at plastic bags in the street either..
    and as for the colors
    RGB is great for mixing colors when it comes to light, as in your screen. CMYK is the color mixing system when it comes to dyes. (or bird poo in this case..
    so please re think and test..because it would be fun to see it work.

    • CAS

      BBB – my original intention was to use the CMYK colour model however readily available food colouring does not come in true magenta or black. I will be in Milan this week testing to see how well the RGB colour model works.

  • MDK

    This is a really brilliant idea. Let's try not to over think it folks. It's not science!