Luminosity by Tom Dixon at MOST


Luminosity by Tom Dixon at MOST

Milan 2012: industrial designer Tom Dixon presents two new lamps as part of an exhibition of lighting at new Milan show MOST next month.

Luminosity by Tom Dixon at MOST

The Fin LED lamp (top) makes a feature of its heat-sink, while Etch Web (above) comprises a large round shade made up of pentagons that cast geometric shadows over surrounding surfaces.

Luminosity by Tom Dixon at MOST

Called Luminosity, the lighting showcase will be held inside a series of tunnels at MOST at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia.

Luminosity by Tom Dixon at MOST

MOST takes place at the city’s museum of science and technology, housed in a 16th century monastery, from 17 to 22 April 2012.

Luminosity by Tom Dixon at MOST

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Luminosity by Tom Dixon at MOST

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Luminosity by Tom Dixon at MOST

Here are some more details from Tom Dixon:

Tom Dixon presents Luminosity

British design company Tom Dixon launches ‘Luminosity’ a showcase of new lamps, lights and shades presented in a series of illuminated environments, at MOST, a festival of design, innovation and culture to be held at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

Luminosity is an exploration of light. On a mission to illuminate and furnish the future, we aim to de-mystify preconceptions of artificial light and to educate people on the future of lighting. Using the latest technologies and materials, drawn from the worlds of engineering, mathematics and nature, our new products shed as much light on the mechanisms and effects of luminous objects as on the design aesthetic itself.

FIN LIGHT is an ode to engineering. Proudly exposing its inner workings, Fin is built of components usually totally hidden from view, including a heat sink, a giant acrylic lens and 6 LEDs.

ETCH WEB is a vast 65cm wide shade with an unusual open structure, designed to cast atmospheric angular shadows when lit. Inspired by mathematics an irregular pentagon shape is repeated across the body to create a total sphere.

The digitally manufactured, ETCH SHADE and ETCH CANDLEHOLDER are now available in two new colours, copper and stainless steel creating a trio of finishes in the Etch family.

Tom Dixon takes over 4 spaces at MOST. The Via Olona entrance is dominated by Luminosity which leads visitors through 4 interconnected tunnels of light. Dezeen studio set up a live broadcast centre. Industrial manufacturing live on-site with international machine giant, Trumpf, making and giving away steel chairs and lamps and the Carpigiani Gelato University run gelato-making classes teaching visitors how to make their own flavor. Spring Table is a pop-up restaurant from Dock Kitchen’s, Stevie Parle, igniting the Italian tradition of coming together to share food, set in the monastic heart of MOST.

17-22 April 2012
Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia
Via Olona, 6B - 20100 Milano

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