Designed in Hackney: Sugru


Designed in Hackney: Sugru

Designed in Hackney: Friday's instalment in our showcase of the best design in the London borough of Hackney is Sugru, an ingenious silicone rubber that can be used to fix, strengthen or customise almost any object.

Designed in Hackney: Sugru

Having the consistency of modelling clay when first taken out of the pack, Sugru can be easily moulded and fixed in place by hand, but will cure at room temperature over 24 hours to form a tough, flexible, heat resistant and waterproof rubber.

Designed in Hackney: Sugru

Sugru will stick to almost any surface, including metal, wood, plastic and fabric, which means it can be used to hack an array of different objects, from basic tools to laptops.

Designed in Hackney: Sugru

Examples of some of the most original uses of the product are featured on the company's blog.

Designed in Hackney: Sugru

Originally conceived of as part of a student project, the product was fine-tuned during years of lab testing and was included in TIME Magazine's 50 best inventions of the year when it launched in 2010.

Designed in Hackney: Sugru

Sugru are based on Tudor Road, just off Mare Street in the south of the borough.

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Designed in Hackney is a Dezeen initiative to showcase world-class architecture and design created in the borough, which is one of the five host boroughs for the London 2012 Olympic Games as well as being home to Dezeen’s offices. We’ll publish buildings, interiors and objects that have been designed in Hackney each day until the games this summer.

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  • literally purchased a black and white pack of this stuff a few hours ago to repair my apple usb cables, can't wait for it to get here.

  • sara

    so… play-doh?

    • Jody

      my thoughts exactly

      • Anon

        No, not play-doh at all. Room temperature curing silicone rubber. Very different.

  • I think if you’ve got some Sugru and some duct tape, you’re straight. You’re pretty much Macguyver at that point.

  • Thomas

    I tried to fix my apple USB cable in the exact same way as shown in the image. The material failed within minutes.

    • Anon

      You likely didn't let it cure for a full day, did you?

  • Jez

    I absolutely don't beleive in this this. Even if it works (I doubt, but I'd like to be proven wrong) it looks bad and will make repaired stuff look even worse. I like the idea of "fixing things instead of throwing away and buying again" but this doesn't seem the solution to me.

  • John

    I used it to improve my saxophone, and so far it works great! It doesn't look too sophisticated, but you can mold it in exactly the right shape.

  • Emily

    Sugru is a fantastic product and it's great to see it featured here. Allowing everyone to customise their possessions under your brand name was always going to have its negative points, but I definitely feel the good points outweigh these. As for the look, the child-proof camera may mot be to everyone's taste but depending on how you apply it subtle results can be achieved too.
    Sugru shouldn't be entitled 'good' or 'bad' but should provoke discussion, inspiration and ideas.