Body Painting
by Tenas


Paint takes on a life of its own and snakes across the human body in this stop-motion animation by French graphics studio Tenas. The project took three people five days and incorporates 1500 photos. 

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Director/painter/editor: Tenas
Photographer: Guzul
Model: Emilie
Music:  Esther's from Amon Tobin

  • Interesting – looks like glow-in-the-dark paint but the lights never went off. Still fabulous.

  • *eyeroll* The only thing that makes this "art" or interesting is that she is topless.

  • alex

    remind me not to visit dezeen at work any more

  • Colonel Pancake

    This project should be renamed "Our Best Excuse to Show this Woman's Breasts."

    • barbara

      This project should be renamed "Our Worst Excuse to Show this Woman's Breasts."

  • fractions

    what a waste of time. this is not very impressive at all. motion track the body and generate graphics in realtime. this looks very dated.

  • Robert

    this reminds me of the original 'TRON' film; except in that the motorcycles were more sexy. Try again ,but use melons the next time?!!

  • Chris

    Granted we've seen nudity on Dezeen before, but usually a bit more discretely than this. No NSFW warning here!

  • H-J

    Nice tits, boring project.