Ground Barware by Michael Antrobus


Ground Barware by Michael Antrobus

UK designer Michael Antrobus has created a corkscrew and bottle opener by making just a few twists in flat stainless steel bars.

Ground Barware by Michael Antrobus

On sale at the MAK Design Shop in Vienna, each product is held in place with just a single weld.

Ground Barware by Michael Antrobus

Ground Barware is an extension of the stationery set he created while studying at Kingston University in 2009 (see our earlier story) which aimed to find domestic applications for products of the British steel industry.

Photographs are by Verena Melgarejo.

Here are some more details from Antrobus:

Ground objects are the outcome of a hands on material lead design process, characterised by experimentation and reduction. The result of working exclusively with flat steel using simple jigs and press tools. The bottle opener and corkscrew are the first objects from a wider continuation of the Ground series which began with a collection of stationery.

Each object is formed from a single length of 4000 Series Stainless Steel. First, a common tool is used to twist sections of each rectangular blank 180 degrees. A single twist forms a handle for the corkscrew and two opposing twists at the apex of the handle add the functional characteristic of the bottle opener. After twisting the blanks are taken to a fly press where radial bends are added. Once compete and correctly aligned the form of each object is secured with the application of a single precise weld, the weld is ground flush, before the objects are brushed to a matt finish.

Corkscrew: 110mm x 110mm
Bottle opener:195mm x 50mm

  • mmmhhh

    is the only purpose of this object to rip your palm while pulling the cork out?

    • Jspen

      How hard is it to open a bottle? If you are applying enough pressure to rip your palm you are doing something wrong. I think they are stunning pieces, can't we have a little fun with our day to day items instead of concentrating solely on ergonomics? There are plenty of bottle openers on the market that rely on comfort as their selling point Antrobus has created something beautiful from an ordinarily mundane item. Good on you Michael!

  • bruce

    Good project and not a bad outcome…. the bottle opener looks great. Corkscrew might need some work, wouldn't mind seeing it in a mechanical corkscrew, not just the kind you have to use brute force with. Comment 1 should read about it before mouthing off.

  • My old college's Ergonomics professor would cry if he saw this.

  • yes this definitely looks scary