Official Team GB Olympic Kit
by Stella McCartney


Official Team GB Olympic Kit by Stella McCartney

Here are some photos of the kit created by fashion designer Stella McCartney for British athletes at the London 2012 Olympics, unveiled today.

Official Team GB Olympic Kit by Stella McCartney

The design for Team GB features a deconstructed Union Jack flag and is made by sports brand Adidas.

Official Team GB Olympic Kit by Stella McCartney

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Official Team GB Olympic Kit by Stella McCartney

Here are soem more details from the Olympic Delivery Authority:

Official Team GB Olympic Kit launched

The kit that will be worn by British athletes at the London 2012 Games has been revealed today by adidas, the Official Sportswear Provider of Team GB and ParalympicsGB.

Official Team GB Olympic Kit by Stella McCartney

Designed by Stella McCartney, Creative Director for the project, the kit combines the best in performance technologies and British style. It was revealed at the Tower of London where athletes including Jessica Ennis, Phillips Idowu and Ellie Simmonds showcased the range.

Official Team GB Olympic Kit by Stella McCartney

Adidas UK Marketing Director Nick Craggs said: 'All eyes will be on the British athletes when they take the stage at the Games, so we wanted to ensure that they would be the best equipped team through a combination of leading technologies including PowerWEB and Climacool and a unified and striking team identity.'

Official Team GB Olympic Kit by Stella McCartney

The kit is the most comprehensive range ever supplied to a national team, including competition kit, training wear, the presentation suit, footwear and accessories. Adidas will supply over 900 British athletes with a total of approximately 175,000 items of clothing during London 2012.

  • paul

    Hate it. Over designed. I just don't understand why black was introduced as a colour and why has the union jack changed colour. The whole graphic design of london 2012 has been pathetic.

    • Chris

      Why should a teams colours be representative of their flag? Quite frankly I see so much red,white and blue arrogantly draped over American athlete's that this is a nice change to see an athlete with just one main colour. I think it's very British to play around with the colour of the Union Jack in order to create a more understated aesthetic.

    • JeffK

      Sorry Paul, couldn't disagree more. I don't think it is over designed, if anything quite understated for a sports uniform. The B-ball kit is really nice and simple. And I like the play on the union jack, if it was the usual flag plastered all over the kit it would be really boring.
      But then haters are gonna hate.

  • alex

    The Union Jack is an absolute gift to designers and they've ignored it in favour of generic un-creativeness. The Olympic Games should be about inspiration.. the basketball kit above is the most uninspiring thing I've ever seen on dezeen.

  • PSG

    Looks cool.

  • Steve

    I actually really like these kits, the union flag form is refreshing and much more visually coherent than the design would have been if it had used the traditional red white and blue palette (which would have been overbearing on such a large scale). The football shirt (fifth image down) is especially good, its where the simple block colour design works best.
    However, Phillips Idowu does look a bit like a bionic man with that X

  • Manuel


  • James

    Why is the union jack blue?? I also think it would have benefited from being symmetrical or not even putting the flag on at all. If it didn't say team GB would you know that this was your team ? I think the whole design says more about Stella than a national Olympic team. Still not as bad as designing an amazing Olympic park round sustainability and then adding Anish Kapor orbit.

  • n1010

    definitely better than the volunteers' outfits!

  • Degs

    Paul – black in particular in tight fitting sports clothes, hides a lot of those private goodies quite well! On the other hand, I hear your point on the Union Jack and would agree with you! Would be like changing the Coca-Cola brand, by launching a different colour.

  • alan

    Ugly design…looks like any sports wear…

  • Jaime

    I can’t see any black, it looks dark blue to me. I really like it! And let’s face it, red white and blue colours are not exactly original when it comes to sports attire… I think this will make team GB more recognisable. And the athletes seem to to love it which is the important thing! Unless you were thinking of wearing the cycling outfit on a night out…

  • Kat

    I actually find this to be the only UK Olympics design-job that's actually tolerable. In fact, I like it, especially the loose-fit shirts and the last uniform – except it probably shows how long I hadn't been involved with sports that I just can't put my finger on what discipline the uniform is for.

  • puzzled

    Why does the last uniform, athletics, have the X factor logo on the waist? co branding?

  • Ben

    Neat, but looks like what the US post office wants to be.

  • paul rider

    I was on the design team that produced the nightmare that was the Team GB Winter 2010 outfits in canada.. funny how when we delivered the same textile ideas, placement prints and broken up falg/logo etc it was shot down by the powers that be/ know nothing about design?? Stella got away with it, good on her i say!!

  • Like these.

    A difficult brief – to reflect national aspirations, without being jingoistic about it – and, perhaps most importantly, the stylings manage to have dropped associations with Cool Britannia and all that garbage.

    Likewise, the styling is far away from the rubbish 2012 logo.

    The gold backdrop is pretty neat, too.

    I'll be happy to happy to wear a set in the Chipping Norton Lido when it re-opens for the season!

  • Pete G

    Better than the Yanks lame effort BUT very photoshopped with colours,it just doesnt look right.Like the photos of certain fast food chains but when you get the product its nothing like it.

  • Alfred Dodds.

    It is a disgrace to deface the Union Jack, the flag that men fought and died for. This is modern thinking, no pride in anything.