Wilcox vs 3D Printer
at Hacked Lab


Milan 2012: last week at the Hacked Lab in Milan, Hackney-based designer Dominic Wilcox battled a 3D printer in a competition to build a model of the nearby Duomo cathedral.

Wilcox vs 3D Printer at Hacked Lab

Wilcox constructed his clay model using just his hands, while the 3D printer, named Deep Pink, was a MakerBot operated by Italian organisation WeFab.

Wilcox vs 3D Printer at Hacked Lab

After 90 minutes, journalist and referee Joseph Grima declared Wilcox as the winner, although a rematch is scheduled to take place tomorrow evening at the V&A museum in London.

Wilcox vs 3D Printer at Hacked Lab

Hacked Lab took place at La Rinascente department store in Milan from 17 to 22 April. See our earlier story about it here, or click here to watch our interview with curator Beatrice Galilee in our Wednesday TV show.

Wilcox vs 3D Printer at Hacked Lab

Back in London, Dominic Wilcox has his studio on Wells Street in Hackney. See all our stories about him on Dezeen here.

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  • Jonas

    Pointless but fun nonetheless. Interesting thing is that the 3d printer is made by humans so if you think about it, this just cancels itself out. Everything is made by humans when it comes to machinery so this sort of thing is either an assesment on our creations or a complaint about them

  • A fascinating competition, and relevant to the not too distant future.

    I guess we are looking at a physical equivalent of desktop publishing, and can imagine downloading a fab file from iTunes, when the tech has matured somewhat.

    Mind you, the material limits things at present, though the millions of plastic-kit model constructors should find this new tech interesting, for obvious reasons.

  • It seems like a great way to publicize 3D printers and make them fun, whereas before it was getting to be a bit of a dry subject.

    One advantage of the 3D printer over a human though, is just the plain precision and consistency of the mechanics…it's hard for a person to be completely accurate.