Float by Karim Rashid for Sancal


Float by Karim Rashid for Sancal

Milan 2012: New York and Amsterdam designer Karim Rashid presented this sofa with modular arms and headrests slotted into a high back at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile this month.

Float by Karim Rashid for Sancal

Called Float, the design for Spanish brand Sancal comes with three different backs and can be upholstered in one colour or a combination of fabrics from the collection called Cairo that Rashid designed especially for Sancal.

Float by Karim Rashid for Sancal

If you like this, you might be interested in Doshi Levien's sofa from 2008 called My Beautiful Backside.

Float by Karim Rashid for Sancal

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Float by Karim Rashid for Sancal

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile took place from 17 to 22 April. See all our stories about Milan 2012 here, plus photos on Facebook and Pinterest.

Here's some more information from Sancal:


A sofa that is also a screen.

Hand in hand with Karim Rashid, we have managed to create a seat that respects our own universe when we cohabit in public spaces. As Virginia Woolf would say, a room of one’s own providing intimacy and freedom.

Float is a contemporary couch designed for multiple purposes. This slim floating seat with incorporated back wall provides complete privacy in open spaces, to rest back on, hang one’s scarf or coat on or simply wait in the secluded area given by its high back.

One of the main characteristics of Karim’s designs is their colourful combinations, which at first sight seem not possible. Sancal products, on the other hand, are less vibrant. Float offers the perfect balance, as we have granted greater relevance to the textures and reserved the touches of colour for smaller detail such as the headrest or cushions.

Each Float component (arms, seat, back and headrest) can be selected in a different fabric. There is also a single colour option, upholstered with the same fabric.

Float is available in 3 sizes: two sofas with a low back and one sofa with a high back. The latter offers different combinations: apart from the straight arms, you can choose an inclined arm to lie back on like a divan. Furthermore, two hangers can be attached to the high back as if as it were a wall.

As for the cushions and headrests, Karim has also designed a series of patterns named Cairo. The collection is inspired in Egypt, where he was born. With a strong contemporary approach, Karim unites tradition and personal memories, adding bright colours to pictures of organic geometry.

  • clemensauer

    what about the future, mr rashid? is it called doshilevien?

  • onemillion

    and the negative comments start in, 3…2…1…

  • Sax

    You said it dezeen. I can't help but think of Doshi Levien when I look at this.

  • Cid

    I still think it's quite elegant. I like that he takes inspiration from outside of his own belly button. And I believe that, if designed by a young upcoming designer, no one would question the quality of this work.

  • Xit

    'My 'not so beautiful' backside' by Karim Rashid

  • would be really nice to have a comment from nipa and jonathan on this – i just want to know what they think of it.

  • Chris

    After sitting on these sofas at the Salone I have to say that I was impressed and these sofas were some of the few designs that surprised me in Milan regardless of "who designed them".

    I do not understand this comparison to the Doshi Levien sofa (really Dezeen?) which has completely different forms, inspiration, scale, colors while being super expensive and uncomfortable…is it the use of colors and patterns, that is only one element? (Doshi Levien also surprised me with their beautiful Le Corbusier inspired sofas for Moroso I appreciate their work very much…but cannot afford it).

    There are many Facebook likes and tweets to this article in comparison with other articles about "artsy" furniture designs which only the elite can afford (Sancal produces affordable contract furniture) so you can see that the positive people don't comment but broadcast their "likes" to everyone they know in their social networks.

    The negative people are likely struggling unsuccessful "designers" supported by their governments/parents who's work has reached a handful of people (if produced and not a one off craft piece) who have no real critique about the designs because they don't understand what good design is…just followers and sissies.

    Keep up the good work Karim, we'd love to see more projects like this!

  • Capricioso

    This is a bold, thought-provoking new direction. I fervently pray that this style will die a natural death… in 3…2…1…

  • yomamma

    You straight up ripped this from Doshi Levien.

    If it's done then please don't do it again. Creativity is one resource there really should be no lack of. But if you do run out though, I sell it in bottles and you can apply it to anything. TH

  • Casey

    >Copy, >Paste Doshi Levien furniture design and cooking ware patterns.

    >Copy, >Paste Stefan Diez Art direction.


  • copy machine Kream

    For the record. "My Beautiful Backside" Sofa for Moroso by Doshi Levien. http://www.doshilevien.com/projects/furniture/my-

  • anso

    > Copy, > HAY catalogue with it's so nice pictures style…