Dora by Jeong Yong


Dora by Jeong yong

South Korean designer Jeong Yong has created a round CD-player that's mounted like a globe on a tilted axis.

Dora by Jeong yong

Called Dora, it has a speaker on one side and the CD clips into the other.

Dora by Jeong yong

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Dora by Jeong yong

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Dora by Jeong yong

Here's some more information from the designer:

DORA is a CD player that rotates on 23.4 degree slanted axis like a globe. The front body has a speaker and the back side has a part to insert a CD. It can be used by a remote control.

Dora by Jeong yong

It has a composition of simple designs, such as a cylinder shape body, a triangular pyramid and a rectangular remote control.

  • aliwelch

    What's a CD player?

  • Post

    It looks nice but … a CD-player in 2012?

  • Bhavnesh

    Aren't CD's obsolete already?

  • billy

    wow!!! but…

  • George

    This is awesome! I want one!
    (posted on May 11, 1992)

  • walterrama

    thats what people said about vinyl 30 years ago. and it´s still alive and spinning.
    very nice design btw

    • Juan Galicia

      True, but no one talks about the CD in the same way people talk about Vinyl,…. vinyl still exists because people love the ritual of the turntable, and most claim it has a superior sound quality, this doesn't happen with the CD, and I doubt there´ll be a similar community for it.

  • andy

    I like it, but make it into a speaker or ipod dock.

  • ottobre

    why not a cd player???

  • Rob

    I love it and I have tons of CD's. How much does it cost and how do I get it here?

  • Juan Galicia

    Yeah, I personally find this to be beautiful but its kind of pointless considering CD´s are already obsolete.

    • CN

      That’s true, but not in South Korea. The whole country is filled with K-pop fanatics who buy THOUSANDS of K-pop albums. So, it’s kind of NOT pointless considering the fact that this was made by a KOREAN designer who was targeting Korean consumers.

  • pizzaface

    Mp3 will soon be obsolete. when hd drives get larger noone will settle for crappy mp3 compression. mp3 is the worst thing that happened to music.

  • don juan

    vinyl=tactile, large album art, interaction, superior sound quality to date. CD=non of the above. its a useless contraption, but very beautiful

    • Bhavnesh

      I for one love vinyl, and I much prefer them to using CD's for DJing (although, I've recently started to incorporate Serato and Ableton Live for this too). That being said, vinyl isn't necessarily a 'superior' sounding format to CD.

      Especially in this day and age, CD (well, digital in general) can offer a more realistic reproduction of an artists music, where as vinyl is full of analog artefacts and the music has to be mastered very specifically for the format (i.e. losing some / altering the original sound)

      The misconception that vinyl sounds 'superior' to CD is from the late-'80's, early '90s CD that were based on the mastered for vinyl releases.

  • name

    Haven't used a CD player for ten years or so. Even CD drives in computers became obsolete already. Of course there are still some people using CDs, but not a lot in the target group this player seems to be designed for…

  • Armand

    As far as i can tell this is a render, not a real product

  • it reminds me very much of Jawbone's Jamebox – the color/remote/mesh speaker cover. Striking design in this shape however – could easily integrate Airplay over wifi/bluetooth for i-devices

  • Bhavnesh

    If anyone actually cares about the lossless quality on CD's as opposed to lossy formats such as mp3's (although, lossless digital formats are available such as WAV, Apple Lossless, FLAC, etc), would not really be playing their music through that tiny speaker that will not accurately reproduce sound.

  • Steven

    Interesting concept. Aesthetically pleasing, but anyone notice how the CD mounts? The designer obviously wasn't thinking about usability…and that kills the concept for me. This feels more at home on a Yanko or Tuvie design blog.

    • david

      It's the same mounting system as naoto's classic, whilst i agree it's not beautiful i have no problem using it at all.

  • Bruce

    They are definitely renders…

    Beautiful object, but would be terribly expensive compared to other players if produced, and would surely only emit low quality sound. So, gimmick?

    Oh and Steven: what’s wrong with the method of mounting the cd? I don’t know what your definition of “usability” is but that looks like a dam convenient solution to me.

  • Xit

    Could be a Starck/Crasset Thomson product from the late nineties (circa 96), nevertheless well executed.