Bicycle Club by NL Architects


Bicycle Club by NL Architects

When asked to draw up plans for a cycle-hire shop in southern China, Dutch studio NL Architects thought it would be fun to put a velodrome on the roof.

Bicycle Club by NL Architects

The curved rooftop track of the Bicycle Club will overhang the glazed exterior walls to shade a shop and cafe on the ground floor.

Bicycle Club by NL Architects

Once they've hired a bike, customers will be able to take it straight up to the track via central staircases, which will double-up as seating areas for spectators.

Bicycle Club by NL Architects

The architects are now working up detailed designs for construction.

Bicycle Club by NL Architects

Another Velodrome that's worth a look is the one completed for this summer's Olympic Games. See images here.

Bicycle Club by NL Architects

Here's a little more text from NL Architects:

Housing Corporation VANKE has asked us to make a proposal for a Bike Club as part of a big resort in Southern China that we are currently involved in.

Bicycle Club by NL Architects

The Bike pavilion should accommodate bike rental and a cafe.

Bicycle Club by NL Architects

A protruding roof could be very welcome in this tropical climate.

Bicycle Club by NL Architects

The oversized top perhaps could house an additional function. What about a velodrome?

Bicycle Club by NL Architects

The elegant curvature of the steeply banked oval bike track creates an optimistic gesture; eaves curled upward: a surprisingly functional pagoda.

Bicycle Club by NL Architects

  • Excellent idea to add a feature 'bonus' use for the roof. I would love to have one of these in Mexico :)

  • T.,T


  • Ross Kelly

    Did I miss the cycle ramp, or did they? Do you have to carry a bike up the stairs??

    • H-J

      There's either a slit between the small steps and the bigger ones as can be seen in the images and drawings, there's left some space between the stairs and the sides that will remain flat or they will put something like a narrow U-beam on top of the steps, that's at least how it's done in NL…

    • sam

      I think there are two thin ramps on the stairs so you can push the bike up whilst you walk. Fun scheme, scaled down version of the Fiat plant.

    • Carey

      There are channels on the stairs, but at this gradient you wouldn't want someone to let go of their bike. Let's not mention the people going in different directions either…

    • Ramdel Guerrero

      I think the do, but i think the concept will look like the danish pavilion for the shangai expo 2010. In my opinion is too small for the porpuse.

    • iag

      Yes, you missed it – There's a ramp-track on the stairs to push the bike up.

    • Check the renderings. There are thin 'ramps' cut into the stairs that let you roll the bike up pr down.

      Maybe not the best solution, I agree.

    • bondiamarc

      Look in between the steps, small semi-rectangle profile (Dutch standard)

    • ben

      there is a little gully trenched into the staircase to wheel the bike up

  • mdr

    Cute idea but way too small to be functional for cycling.

  • Mr T

    There is a narrow ramp combined with stair, i guess it's not necessary to have a 1:12 ramp for bike anyway, but it's not very friendly to disables though

  • Jason

    There are narrow ramps set into the stairs for wheeling the bikes up.

    I think an extra 10 feet of length would have made the project a lot better. The area on the roof could be a little wider (it seems too narrow for a crowd carrying clunky bikes) and the straight section of the track could be longer.

  • Mark

    It doesn't rain in southern china?

  • I can see some sort of rail for pushing the bikes , its a logic idea: having a complete bike ramp could be prone to accidents

  • HBKZ

    what a fun design!

    @Ross Kelly, There are two tiny ramps on each side of the stairs, you don't have to lift(carry) the heavy bike upstairs you just guide it.

    What I think interesting to see is. How they would manage the rain or even snow. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  • Sax

    You can see in the pictures there is 2 silver channels on the stairs to roll the bikes up I assume.

  • philip lehar

    Why oval? Why not elipse?

    • Mks

      The ramped oval is the standard for (indoor) cyclism. Though it usually is a lot bigger, of course.

      Nice, simple and cute project.

  • Cycling Function

    Looks great,… if it's not raining!
    Anyone tried to ride on a velodrome in the wet,……. and survived?

  • Fizz Fieldgrass

    So how many circuits would you do before becoming bored witless?

  • hhh

    you can fly off the edge.

  • Great renders, I actually thought they were photos.
    1st project situated in China that uses an overcast sky. Usually they're unrealistically clear and you know straightaway that its a render. This one takes account of the real weather pattern and it still works in that kind of light.