Green Climate Fund Headquarters by LAVA


Green Climate Fund Headquarters by LAVA

Germany, one of six countries bidding to host the United Nations' Green Climate Fund, have selected Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) to design a sustainable HQ in Bonn if their bid is successful.

Green Climate Fund Headquarters by LAVA

Bids to host the 300-strong body, tasked to help combat climate change, have also been received from Mexico City in Mexico, Windhoek in Namibia, Warsaw in Poland, New Songdo City in the Republic of Korea and Geneva in Switzerland.

Green Climate Fund Headquarters by LAVA

Germany's bid by LAVA is designed to showcase the latest environmental building techniques, and is equipped with integrated regenerative energy production systems, photovoltaics and bioreactors.

Green Climate Fund Headquarters by LAVA

The three-storey proposal features a sunken terrace, a roof garden and a series of tiered balconies.

Green Climate Fund Headquarters by LAVA

The successful bid is expected to be announced later this year.

Green Climate Fund Headquarters by LAVA

LAVA are more well-known for their competition-winning designs for a zero-carbon, zero-waste city in Masdar, Abu DhabiSee all our stories about LAVA »

Green Climate Fund Headquarters by LAVA

Here's some more information from architects Chris Bosse, Tobias Wallisser and Alexander Rieck:

LAVA Designs Green Climate Fund Headquarters, Bonn

The Federal Republic of Germany chose the multinational firm Laboratory for Visionary Architecture [LAVA] as the designers for their bid to host the Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund [GCF] in Bonn.

LAVA’s design for the headquarters of the GCF is ‘an ecological model project’ and demonstrates their motto: ‘green is the new black’.

The vision for international climate protection will be realised in the building design itself, with innovative solutions such as:
• Facades are articulated according to building orientation
• Surfaces integrate various means of regenerative energy production
• Photo-voltaics and bioreactors demonstrate the application of the latest technologies
• The building responds to the site to maximize the experience of its natural qualities

With a design inspired by the beautiful setting in the Rhine valley, and with curvilinear forms, nature light wells, roof top gardens and a large sunken terrace for the restaurant, the three level structure will comply with the latest energy and building ecology standards, meeting the highest demands in terms of sustainability (German gold certificate), ecology and energy efficiency (net zero energy).

“We were honoured to be asked by the German government to support their bid for the GCF with a state-of-the-art proposal reflecting its core values,” said LAVA director Tobias Wallisser.

LAVA director Alexander Rieck added: “LAVA has worked closely with the advanced research facilities and experts at the world renowned Fraunhofer IAO to generate intelligent systems, materials and skins that respond to external influences such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, solar-radiation and pollution”.

“Since winning the international competition to design the centre of the world’s first eco city, Masdar, in 2009, our projects have focussed on combining digital workflow, nature’s principles and the latest digital fabrication technologies with the aim of achieving MORE WITH LESS: more (architecture) with less (material/energy/time/cost),” added Chris Bosse, LAVA director.

Described as ‘architecturally appealing’ and ‘environmentally friendly with functional spaces that foster working productivity’ the purpose built GCF headquarters will offer ideal working conditions for approximately 300 Green Climate Fund officials, on a 13,000m2 site.

Offices with state-of-the-art office technology, logistics areas with security controls and a visitor reception zone, an auditorium, a conference room, a canteen/cafeteria and an underground car park create optimal working conditions.

The proposed building has excellent transport connections, is in walking distance from several Federal ministries, including the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Chris Bosse, Tobias Wallisser and Alexander Rieck set up LAVA as a network of creative minds with a research and design focus in 2007 with offices in Sydney, Shanghai, Stuttgart, Berlin and Riyadh.

Client: The Federal Government of Germany
Location: Bonn, Germany
Status: Feasibility Study 2012
Size: 13,000 sq.m
Project Team: LAVA - Tobias Wallisser, Alexander Rieck, Chris Bosse
With Stephan Markus Albrecht, Marvin Bratke, Stefanie Pesel, Christian
General Advisor: Fraunhofer IAO
Building Advisor: Fraunhofer Allianz Bau
Photobioreactor-Facade / Microalgae Cultivation Advisor: Fraunhofer IGB
Visualisation: MIR

  • rock

    it's not very bon. a little disappointing, i think that building will date very quickly, which isn't exactly sustainable.
    + that doesn't mean it needs a classical design, lol!
    but i believe the function is necessary

  • qhsj

    I'm too jealous that small firms like this can get these kind of opportunities in the EU to critique this. In the US this job would never get out of the claws of SOM/NBBJ/Gensler size firms :/

  • Colonel Pancake

    I wonder if they thought about doing something that was actually environmentally friendly, like renovating vacant buildings, or whether they simply came to the quick conclusion that razing a plot of land in the middle of suburban Germany and building a colossal new building on it would be the best way to show the judges how much they cared about sustainability.


      couldn’t agree more. considering that germany’s capital is berlin, and that this city is full of vacant buildings this would seem a logical approach.

  • Conny

    Yes, this whole idea that it is necessary to spend hundreds of millions to house 300 people in a ecofriendly way seems totally over the top and not in line with the new frugal thinking for a world where baseless spending and financial greed has taken us over the top into a downward side that still does not seem to stop. Let the US and the bidding countries think about that when they bid for the Green Climate Fund. The non-spent money can be put in the fund. Hey, the first contribution is in !!

  • Sea Bass

    The cover photo reminds me so much of the YAS Marina Hotel (Abu Dhabi). The bend to the building / the way the porte cochere loops around / the mesh lighting patter / the water feature. Seriously…. it's like the designeres at LAVA stayed at the YAS hotel and just copied what they saw there!!!!!! (Lava did some work on Masdar City, only 2km away from YAS). See the pic below and make up your own mind….