Triple One by Renzo Piano Building Workshop


Triple One by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Skyscrapers in Seoul: Renzo Piano Building Workshop have sent us the first image of a 620-metre-tall tower they are designing for Seoul, South Korea.

Triple One by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The tapering, conical Triple One tower will be the centrepiece of the new Yongsan International Business District, a new commercial hub masterplanned by architect Daniel Libeskind for South Korean developer DreamHub.

The district will include skyscrapers by a host of international architects including BIG, MVRDV, SOM, Dominique Perrault and Libeskind and is due for completion in 2024. See all of our stories about the district here, or see images of each project in our special slideshow feature.

Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano (above) also designed the 300 metre-high Shard tower, which is nearing completion in London. Read our interview with Piano about the design of this building. See all our stories about Renzo Piano.

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  • Nino

    That skyline image – just above the great man – is the antithesis of considered contextual design.

    • Juan Galicia

      Correct me if I'm wrong but that would be part of what is called the generic city, a real example of that would be Shanghai´s city center, its overwhelming but is it really wrong?, each building is unique, cant really control each and every design on such a large scale even if its desirable, but it could in the end produce some rather interesting views from ground level.

    • hayden

      Ego never considers its context.

  • i thought he doesn't like skyscrapers…now another one. conveniently finds the "only place for a skyscraper" in different cities….