Ivey by Hugo Passos


Ivey by Hugo Passos for Jasper Morrison

Crates of old vinyl records inspired this magazine holder by London designer Hugo Passos.

Ivey by Hugo Passos for Jasper Morrison

Called Ivey, the oak plywood holder has three internal dividers to keep the magazines upright and easy to browse, like 12" vinyls in a record shop.

Ivey by Hugo Passos for Jasper Morrison

Portuguese designer Hugo Passos has been working in Hackney for design brand SCP for the last three years and the Ivey magazine holder is now on sale nearby at British designer Jasper Morrison's shop.

Ivey by Hugo Passos for Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison is one of the designers we've featured in our Designed in Hackney series and his shop and studio are located on Kingsland Road.

Ivey by Hugo Passos for Jasper Morrison

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  • Morgan Geist


    This is Morgan Geist.

    Interesting/sad how design can be so self-referential. We have always thought of design as the expansive and limitless activity that empowers itself in reaction to the changes in the world.

    However, even as Mr Morrison celebrates the wonderment of the “super normal”, here we see a designed magazine rack full of, well you guessed it, design publications.

    These photographs perfectly express the state of design today. Style conscious, myopic and inbred.

    Thank you,

    Morgan Geist.

    • Vivian

      Funny you should say such a thing Morgan Geist, because you seem to have posted your comment on a design blog full of, well you guessed it, style conscious, myopic and inbred design work. To me, this is a simple,functional and normal object . That's it.

  • Barry

    Dull and lacking in imagination.

  • james orf

    who reads magazines?

  • andrew

    Nice, simple and useful. Typical Jasper to choose something like this.

  • Well, it certainly isn't the greatest design in the history of mankind. But I would keep one of those next to my armchair nevertheless.

  • Sven A.

    Sven A.
    A magazine holder with warmth and personality… and useful!!!!

  • Vanessa

    I love it. Its a simple and purely functional redesign of an every day object! Isn't that what design is all about?

  • Maria Rietveld

    I agree Vanessa. Beautiful, effortless work here. Will definitely get one for my living room, well done Mr. Passos!
    BTW, does anyone know how old he is?