Dezeen Watch Store: MY03 Hacker
available in three new colours


Dezeen Watch Store: the MY03 Hacker by industrial designer Michael Young now comes in three new colours at Dezeen Watch Store:

This unconventional timepiece features a large concave face with strong lines from the centre to the edge marking the minutes.

The watch comes in three new colours; brown with a gold case, black with a white face and black with a brown face and is available to buy online or over the phone.

  • Ever notice how most watch promotions have the time, "ten minutes after ten"…Wonder why?

    • Al-Ishaq

      The 10:10 makes a smiley face. Its a Japanese marketing scheme that became a standard. :)

    • nocturnal

      Becoz that carves out a smiley symbolically… duh.

  • bullet

    This is one coooool watch though…