Liverpool risks losing
UNESCO World Heritage status


Dezeen Wire:
UNESCO has added Liverpool to the 'in danger' list for possible removal of its World Heritage status. In March the city's council approved a £5.5bn waterfront redevelopment. – BBC

The Museum of Liverpool opened on the waterfront last summer to heavy criticism from commentators including the Observer's Rowan Moore.

  • Eplies

    If they are expecting the city council to turn down a £5.5 billion investment – that will provide hundreds of jobs for the city – because they think it will damage the area they are sadly mistaken.

  • R Donald

    The possible loss of the World Heritage status for Liverpool should have been based upon the design, scale, situation and inappropriate relationship to the ‘Graces’ of the Liverpool Museum. Goodness knows who created and approved its design and building!

    The new proposal for the waterfront development will probably be far enough away to be acceptable in relation to the rest of the river frontage. But the damage is now done, so what the heck!