Monthly archives: June 2012

Dezeen Music Project: Lift it Up
by Solar Lion

New York artist Solar Lion has sent us this preview of a new track he's working on for his forthcoming EP. Like previous Solar Lion tracks we've featured on Dezeen Music Project, Lift it Up is a fusion of different genres, with modern US dubstep sounds underpinned by the prominent upbeat of a more old-school dub rhythm.

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Design flash-sales site Bamarang
closes down

Dezeen Wire:
a European copycat version of American design flash-sales site Fab, called Bamarang, has been dropped by its founders Rocket Internet - Bloomberg Businessweek

Fab responded to the launch of Bamarang in January by taking over another European clone, Casacanda, and using it to launch in eighteen EU countries since mid February. Yesterday the company announced a take-over of UK rival, now Fab UK.