Stöðin Roadside Stop

Stodian Roadside Stop by KRADS

Drivers along a coastal road in Iceland can now stop at a curved concrete service station styled like an American diner by architects KRADS of Iceland and Denmark.

Stodian Roadside Stop by KRADS

Designed for the Icelandic branch of fuel company Shell, the Stöðin accommodates a restaurant and drive-through, as well as a shop and petrol station.

Stodian Roadside Stop by KRADS

A thick concrete band wraps around the top of the exterior walls to create a canopy with an illuminated underside.

Stodian Roadside Stop by KRADS

The ceiling inside the building is also exposed concrete, while cushioned panels of red, orange and yellow provide seating inside the restaurant.

Stodian Roadside Stop by KRADS

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Stodian Roadside Stop by KRADS

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Stodian Roadside Stop by KRADS

Photography is by Kristinn Magnússon.

Here's some more text from KRADS:

Stöðin - Roadside Stop

“Stöðin”, a roadside stop in the Icelandic countryside, is a conjoined restaurant, drive-through, convenience store and gas station. Icelandic culture is in many ways shaped by American influences due to the 65-year long presence of an American army base in the country.

Stodian Roadside Stop by KRADS

Stöðin addresses this cultural relationship by incorporating architectural elements from the American diner that contrast the traditional Icelandic building method of in situ cast concrete.

Stodian Roadside Stop by KRADS

The exposed concrete of the exterior bestows the diner with a permanence unknown by its American counterparts creating a friction between its streamlined aesthetics and the rustic materiality’s gravity. An elongated bar-desk transforms into seating arrangements and characterizes the semicircular restaurant, which offers panoramic views of the scenic fjord Borgarfjörður.

Stodian Roadside Stop by KRADS

Location: Borgarnes, Iceland.
Size: 312 m2
Building lot: 4.840 m2
Year compl.: 2012
Client: Skeljungur, the Icelandic arm of Shell.
Collaborators: Aok-design (on interior), Ferill (engineering, structural/HVAC),
Mannvit (electrical engineering).

  • H-J

    It makes me wanna burn some fuel to go and see this.

  • Really modern!

  • MrJ

    Needs to be chrome, not concrete.

  • Christian

    “Hard” exterior, “soft” interior. I like it.

  • The icelandic people obviously know how to rock concrete!

  • leewashington

    We recently visited this during a trip round Iceland. A nice building that has unfortunately been ruined by some horrendous signage.