227 Flat


227 Flat by OODA

A suspended net provides a hammock over the staircase of this apartment in Porto by architects OODA.

227 Flat by OODA

Residents can climb onto the net from a top-floor landing and there's room for a couple of people to sit down at once.

227 Flat by OODA

Sliding glass doors on one side of the hammock open out to a terrace with a view out to sea.

227 Flat by OODA

The architects installed the net during a renovation of the whole two-storey apartment and have also added wooden floors in each room.

227 Flat by OODA

We've previously featured a set of hammock seats suspended from a metal structure.

227 Flat by OODA

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Photography is by ctrl + N.

Here are a few more words from OODA:

227 FLAT
Porto 2012

In a place nearby the sea in Porto, we had the chance to design a complete transformation of a two storey apartment.

227 Flat by OODA

It was our intention to play with the light that strongly flows into the apartment merging it with new program needs.

227 Flat by OODA

The relation between voids, volumes and the function among then was the prime project drive aiming to create fine detailing while suggesting new surprising spaces and features to be used and lived in a daily basis.

227 Flat by OODA

Team: Diogo Brito, Rodrigo Vilas-Boas, Francisco Lencastre

  • mononoke

    Pretty hot staffage there.

  • Elise

    Well done! Great detailing.

  • Junihaoni

    What if…

    • r.e.m.

      Yes, that would hurt.

  • Looks very nice for small private house.

  • Aaron

    A much nicer solution than a handrail, although I can think of more entertaining uses than magazine reading.

  • Rob

    Don’t you hate it when they never complete the build… where is the lady from the drawings?