Monthly archives: July 2012

"Retailers urged to support design copyright campaign" - The Guardian

Marks & Spencer (left) and Rachael Taylor

Dezeen Wire: The Guardian reports on a campaign to persuade high-street retailers to respect the intellectual property of independent designers following the case of English pattern designer Rachael Taylor, who last week spoke out after finding a product almost identical to her own on sale at Marks & Spencer (above and below; Taylor's designs are on the right in both photos). More »

Developer of New Mexico
ghost town pulls out

Dezeen Wire:
a $1 billion project to build an experimental city with no inhabitants in the New Mexico desert has been postponed - Daily Mail

Developer Pegasus struggled to find land for the 15-square mile city designed to test new technologies such as self-flushing toilets, intelligent traffic systems and next-generation wireless networks.

See also: a city for 100,000 inhabitants in Brazil by architects Broadway Malyan