Movie: Canada Water Library


Movie: architect Piers Gough of CZWG and structural engineer Hanif Kara explain their design for Canada Water Library, a bronzed, hexagonal building on a constrained site in south London, in this movie by filmmakers Living Projects.

Read more about the building in our earlier story, and see more stories about CZWG here.

Living Project also produced a film about the Maggie’s Centre for cancer care that the architects completed last year. Watch the movie here.

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  • If I had in my town a library like this, I begin to read. 100%

    • mindgame

      Sometimes I wonder who uses all these super-expensive libraries and museums. And do they actually make any profit from these buildings?

      • What do you mean by profit? Should a library produce a profit? What ever happened to the idea of democracy, providing free access to information for all, I of the founding principles of our society. Should parks make a profit? What about prisons? Is it too much to ask to provide a public service which is free to every member of society, but mainly benefits the poor?