Delight lamps
by Ido Mohar

Delight by Ido mohar

Industrial design graduate Ido Mohar has made a series of lamps that stand to attention when switched on and take a graceful bow when switched off.

Delight by Ido mohar

Each one has components made from nitinol, an alloy of nickel and titanium that's often used in the medical and space industries for its ability to "remember" a shape when a current is passed through it.

Delight by Ido mohar

Two of the Delight lamps move the light source upwards when switched on while the third lifts a lens to spread the light across a table (above).

Delight by Ido mohar

"The slow movement gives a moment of pause to the viewer and enhances functionality by focusing the light, bringing it across the table," says Mohar.

Delight by Ido mohar

He developed the project while studying at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Delight by Ido mohar

Photos are by Oded Antman. The movie is by Emmuna Aigen and Nadav Anker.

Delight by Ido mohar

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  • @RobertMayers

    Lovely stuff.

  • terrence

    Boner lamp.

  • Bot

    Well done. It couldn't have been easy to get that working smoothly.

  • John

    Very original! The video demonstrating the lamps is also well done.